Over the course of 14 seasons, Forensic Files haunted viewers with hundreds of true crime and murder cases — all of which were narrated by Peter Thomas — but some were more memorable than others. From the killer who ripped out eyeballs to the rapist who implanted himself with another man's blood, here are nine of the best Forensic Files episodes… some of which you can find on Netflix!

Forensic Files "See No Evil"

In 1991, police investigated a series of grisly murders of Dallas-area sex workers. In each case, the victim had her eyes carved out. The media rabidly reported the crimes until the man known as the "Eyeball Killer" was finally apprehended.

Forensic Files "Invisible Intruder"


This case, soon to be revisited by the ABC docu-series The Last Defense, focused on Darlie Routier, a woman from Rowlett, TX, whose two young sons were stabbed to death in 1996. Even on death row, however, she maintains her innocence.

Forensic Files "Palm Print Conviction"

Unfortunately for the murderer convicted of the 1996 death of Martha Hansen in Anchorage, AK, bars had been legally required to install video cameras by the time of the crime. In addition to the footage, investigators used hair and blood evidence to bust the perpetrator.

Forensic Files "Funeral Services"

Two family members were implicated in the 2002 murder of funeral director Lonnie Turner, Sr., who was found shot to death at home in Navasota, TX. As we see in this episode, it was up to investigators to figure out if his son or his godson committed the crime.

Forensic Files "Death Play"

At first, it seemed like 38-year-old Steve Robards of Fort Worth, TX, died of cardiac arrest, not of foul play. Then investigators realized he had been poisoned by barium acetate stolen from a high school chemistry lab by Marie Robards, his 16-year-old daughter.

Forensic Files "Shadow of a Doubt"

This episode covers the 1997 death of Jennifer Myers of Spring Grove, PA, who was fatally shot just one day before an alleged robber of her gallery was set to stand trial. That man, Kevin Brian Dowling, provided a videotape of himself fishing the day of Myers' death, but analysts scrutinized the video and uncovered the truth.

Forensic Files "Haunting Vision"

Lori Keidel lost her two brothers in a house fire in 1967, just three months after her mother, Dianne Keidel, mysteriously disappeared. Nearly three decades later, Lori went to police with an image she couldn't get out of her mind: She had witnessed her father, Gene Kiedel, murdering her mother.

Forensic Files "Social Circle"

In 2003, four young people were shot and killed in the affluent community of Clear Lake, TX. After neighbors reported seeing two people dressed in black walking outside the murder scene, sketch artists made composite drawings that proved vital in busting the two people responsible.

Forensic Files "Bad Blood"

In 1999, physician John Schneeberger of Kipling, Saskatchewan, was convicted of sexual assault after raping both a patient and his own step-daughter. He initially avoided suspicion by implanting a tube of another man's blood in his own arm before the DNA test.

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