Still not convinced that Aubrey O’Day and Donald Trump Jr. had an affair six years ago? Sure, nothing’s been confirmed, but we’ve heard reports from multiple sources by now, she sang about heartbreak in a song titled “DJT,” and there’s even more evidence in her social media history.

In case you missed this bombshell, the news of Aubrey and Don Jr.’s reported affair broke earlier this week amid the news that he’s divorcing wife Vanessa Trump. The rumored lovers met on the set of Celebrity Apprentice Season 5, in which the Danity Kane songstress competed. According to media reports, the affair lasted from late 2011 until spring 2012.

Now, a series of Aubrey’s tweets have resurfaced, thanks to BuzzFeed, and they provide more proof of the relationship. (And by the way, we’re tidying up all these tweets’ spelling and grammar for legibility’s sake, but the content is unchanged.)

In November 2011, for example, Aubrey tweeted about being totally smitten with her mystery man: “Woke up in a room filled wall to wall with my fave flower, white lilies. You gave me a garden of love, baby. We are forever floating on clouds.”

And in December, she seemed to imply her man was married… and apparently sent a lot of shade in Vanessa’s direction. “Will he still love me when he’s free?” she wrote. “Or will he go back to the place where he will choose the poison over me?”

A tweet from May 2012 might be the most telling. Aubrey was hooking up with her mystery man at one of Trump’s properties in New York City: “Heading to my fave sushi spot in the city with my NY BFF, then sprinting to the Trump to get back in bed with my babe… or maybe I’ll just say in bed.”

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And apparently, she befriended employees-slash-informants there. “Dude, why do I have so many homies at the Trump?!” she tweeted the same month. “I walk in, and they give me the 311 on all the enemy creatures. Work!”

When Twitter fans pressed the singer for the identity of her man, she said he wasn’t ready to go Twitter-official. “I’m being a brat because he likes us to remain private, and I want everyone to know!” she tweeted in May.

That same month, Aubrey’s elimination from Celebrity Apprentice aired. She retweeted a fans’ tweet reading, “I know why Trump didn’t let you win. He’s thinking, ‘If Aubrey gets any closer to my son…'” and she added “Hahaha.” And when someone asked if anyone on the show ever made a move on her, she said, “Duh, hahahahaha!”

Meanwhile, if a tweet from later that month is a reference to Don Jr., he’s not as close to his famous father as we might think. “Watching The Devil’s Double,” the tweet reads. “Funny how a man will always desire his father’s approval, even if he despises him.”

By June, her romance had ended in heartbreak. “I hope you still stalk my tweets and remember how much you loved me and hate how weak you were to not fight for us,” Aubrey tweeted. “I know you. They never will.”

In November 2012, she said more about her heartbreak on Instagram. “But how can I move on when your fingerprints are still on my heart, and your voice still resonates down to my toes, and your smile lives in my eyes, and every time my mind wanders it goes directly to you,” reads one post. “But you kissed me like you meant it,” reads another. She also posted a quote attributed to Bob Marley: “The biggest [cowardice] of a man is to awaken the love of a woman without the intention of loving her.”

Along the way, Aubrey also dissed Donald Trump Sr. “Can’t wait for Trump to secure Obama’s next term today. Thank God I was fired from that binder of women,” she tweeted, before adding, “Ted Bundy’s lecturing on feminism. No wait, it’s just Trump talking morality of marriage.”

After the 2013 release of her song “DJT,” a Twitter user asked her who the subject of the song was. “The man wrote the album about,” she responded. And her estrangement from her former Apprentice bosses became even more evident during the 2016 presidential election, when she posted an “I’m with her” image of Hillary Clinton to Instagram.

The 34-year-old has mostly kept mum since the news of the reported affair broke. But she did post a cryptic message in a March 19 Instagram post, one people think is another dig at the Trump family: “I’m only interested in the things money can’t buy.” After tracking Aubrey’s romantic highs and lows on social media, we’re not sure there’s much of a mystery anymore!

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