Love can make you do crazy things… like potentially ruining an entire reality tv show! In A&E's 60 Days In, regular, law-abiding people volunteer to go undercover in one of Atlanta's prisons to help Col. Mark C. Adger determine the causes of the jail's many dark problems. However, participant Angele put the whole program in jeopardy when she fell in love with a real inmate named Gabrielle and told her that she was a plant!

Angele, a writer and poet in the real world, admitted that she told Gabrielle the truth about her identity after they began an intimate sexual relationship. If word got out that there are spies among the inmates, it would not only ruin Adger's experiment, but could also put all of the participants in danger.

Despite that, Angele doesn't seem to have any regrets. "In the end we are all experiments. We live and we will die. Spend your time trying to love more. Rather than judge," she wrote on Instagram after the episode aired. "COVER BLOWN… oh and do me a favor will you?
Bring all the hate messages and all the hate comments. Matter of fact. Tag me. I've always been fueled off of hate and pain. I didn’t make it this far from love and kindness. So for all the trolls you are giving me power. So I must thank you. I embrace hate just as much as I embrace love. Either way it goes every nasty message I get means I’m on your minds. Keep me there. I'm enjoying this. I truly am. ??"

It sounds like the prison is going to fall into mayhem in the next episode, which will be centered around quickly getting all of the fake inmates out safely. There is no word whether Angele is still with Gabrielle now, but the status of their relationship will likely be revealed on the season finale on March 22, when all nine participants share their stories. Tune in to the show every Thursday on A&E at 10 p.m..

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