These days we’re all looking for the latest products to help keep us safe and healthy, particularly when it comes to helping combat the current spread of COVID-19 and related airborne viruses. Which is why several doctors have been encouraged by the latest product to be introduced in the United States to help fight the effects of COVID-19: Dr. ZinX.

Dr. ZinX is a patent-pending combination of zinc and hinokitiol, scientifically designed to help boost our immune system while helping prevent the reproduction of viruses in our bodies. This Oral Spray, made in Italy and launched in Europe, is now available for purchase and distribution here in the U.S., exclusively on Amazon.


According to research co-authored by Dr. Ba X. Hoang and Dr. Bo Han, both of the Department of Surgery, Nimni-Cordaba Tissue Engineering and Drug Discovery Laboratory, at the University of Southern California, “There is an urgent need for the development of inexpensive, safe, and effective therapeutics to prevent and treat these viral infections”. The doctors are particularly keen on Dr. ZinX’s unique combination of zinc and hinokitol as an “anti-infective agent for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and other viral infections.”

The Power of Zinc

Zinc, a nutrient found throughout your body, plays many critical roles in our overall health, including boosting our immune system and increasing metabolic function. There is a large body of evidence that links deficiency of zinc in our diet to the increased risk of infection and inflammation. Additionally, Zinc deficiencies can lead to decreased immunity and antiviral activity in our bodies. Which is why incorporating zinc into an everyday wellness routine can be beneficial for our immune system, while supporting healthy aging and preventing infections.

What Is Hinokitol?

Hinokitiol is a bioactive compound of plant origin that can rapidly transport zinc across the cell membranes in our bodies. Safe, non-toxic and antimicrobial, hinokitiol has been widely used in skin and oral care, as well as within therapeutic products for its potent antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer applications.

Zinc + Hinokitol = A Safe, Affordable and Effective Remedy

The most recent data about how SARS related illnesses, such as COVID-19, spread in the body note that the virus replicates efficiently in the upper respiratory tract, including the nasal cavity. Research believes oral mucus could be new risk route of coronavirus infection. Therefore, the powerful combination of hinokitiol and zinc found in Dr. ZinX Oral Spray has high potential in the prevention and treatment of the spread of COVID-19.


While this patent-pending combination of Zinc and Hinokitiol Oral Spray leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh, it is not intended to treat, mitigate or prevent any disease, including COVID-19.  It however can be applied as an inexpensive, effective and safe alternative approach to fight SARS related viruses such as COVID-19 and CoV-2 as well as other respiratory viruses. Dr. Hoang specifically touts the combination of zinc and hinokitiol as a viable and economical preventive and therapeutic option for COVID-19 treatment. And other consumers do as well. Here are just some of the latest rave reviews from consumers about Dr. ZInX.


dr zinx
dr zinx

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Source: “A possible application of hinokitiol as a natural zinc ionophore and anti-infective agent for the prevention and treatment of COVID-19 and viral infections”, Ba X. Hoang and Dr. Bo Han.


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