Yikes! 90 Day Fiancé star Paul Staehle revealed that his pregnant wife, Karine, “destroyed her cell phone” after dealing with too much negativity. Fans are speculating that his latest post on Instagram Stories is a response to the backlash they’ve been receiving over starting a GoFundMe.

Paul, 35, recently announced that he and Karine, 22, are currently accepting digital gifts as part of an “online baby shower” for their unborn son, Pierre, via GoFundMe and PayPal. Even though the TLC alum explained this is “not a cry for help” and merely a way for fans to send presents if they want, several people were leaving angry remarks in the comment section of their campaign.

'90 Day Fiancé' Star Paul Staehle Says Karine 'Destroyed Her Cell Phone' Following GoFundMe Backlash

One read, “You really need to get a job and stop begging. How many times have you sent up PayPal and GoFundMe? Have you no shame?” Another person commented on the GoFundMe, “Ya’ll both are losers. Get a job like the rest of us have to do. I don’t want to support Pierre.”

Paul seemingly knew people were going to call him out for starting a GoFundMe, so he clarified his intentions in the description. “This is just a way for anyone who would like to send a digital gift to us towards Pierre,” he wrote. “If you found this campaign while looking for someone to donate to please look for someone in serious legitimate life or death and donate to them. If we get zero from this campaign we will survive and be fine.”

“After a large number of people asked us to create this campaign, we decided at the last minute to allow those who would like to send a digital gift to be able to,” Paul concluded. Despite the nay-sayers, several fans were defending the expectant couple in the comments, explaining how Paul wasn’t “begging” at all. Karine and Paul are expecting their bundle of joy in March 2019, so hopefully she can just focus on her well-being at this point, since Pierre could arrive any day now!

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