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He and his wife had issues securing his visa to move to America, but 90 Day Fiancé star Jon Walters says he and wife Rachel Walters (née Bear) haven’t even discussed the possibility of her moving to England with her two daughters, Ella and Lucy. After a fan asked the star on August 29 if it was something the couple had considered, he explained why it was “not an option” for them.

“We’ve never discussed it as an option because it’s not an option,” Jon, 36, said. “What sort of parents would we be if we created a family which put Ella on the outside? Where Ella is the one who [is missing her mom and sister] half the year and her dad the other half? We would never selfishly solve our problem by passing on the misery of missing your family on to a child. It hurts more than you could imagine, and I wouldn’t give that to Ella.”

While Jon isn’t either girl’s biological father, he’s been with Rachel, 35, since before Lucy was born and thinks of himself as the baby’s dad. Ella’s biological father is involved in her life, but Jon thinks of her as family, too. “Rachel lives with Ella and Lucy, and [Ella’s dad sees] her every week,” the Before the 90 Days alum explained. “I’m the additional person to the family, and it’s right that I’m the one outside.”

He went on to clarify that he and his wife have always been careful to be respectful of Ella’s father and their relationship with him — and they also are trying to do what’s best for Ella herself. “What people don’t realize is when Rachel and Lucy [visited England], Ella was already scheduled to be at her dad’s for his half of the Christmas and summer breaks,” he explained. “Rachel got so much s–t about [abandoning] her eldest when the truth is the opposite. The dates of [Rachel’s] trip depend on [Ella’s] schedule with her dad.”

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Instead, the plan is still for him to get an American visa and move to the United States so that he can be with his wife and kids without upending their lives — and if only one of his daughters moved with Rachel to England, their family unit wouldn’t be the same. “My stepfather/stepdaughter relationship with Ella [is] every bit as real [as] my relationship with Lucy and Rachel,” he continued. “Although Ella has a dad, we are very much a family of four, and that’s what we are fighting for. Everything we have done has been to be a family.”

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