Meadow walker instagram

“Glad to Be Back”:
Meadow Walker Breaks
Silence After Her
Father’s Death


It’s been months since Meadow Walker experienced an unimaginable loss when her father, Paul Walker, was tragically killed in a car accident on Nov. 30.

And now, she’s breaking her silence—with a smiley beach picture on her Instagram account.

“Good to be back,” she wrote on the pic above.

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Fans were quick to notice how much she looks like the late Fast & Furious star—with his piercing blue eyes—as fans shared well wishes with the gorgeous teen.

The 15-year-old opened social media accounts in April in an effort to combat imposters. She first spoke about her father’s death on Twitter in May.

“Thank you for all of the kind words and support during this difficult time! My family and I truly appreciate it,” she wrote. “Xoxo.”