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'High School Musical'
Star KayCee Stroh
Reveals Baby Name!

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Choosing a baby name is no easy task, but pregnant KayCee Stroh of Disney’s High School Musical trilogy exclusively tells In Touch that her and husband Ben Higginson have settled on a name for their baby girl.

“Drumroll… It’s Zetta. So, Zetta Lee Higginson,” KayCee revealed during her baby shower at The W Los Angeles-Westwood in LA on March 23.
How did they land on the unconventional name?
“This is kind of crazy, but I’ve always loved Z names and double Ts in names. I’ve always thought they were so beautiful,” she explained. “One day I was standing in the kitchen, it just came to me, like a whisper in the ear.”
Showing off her bump, KayCee prepared for her daughter’s upcoming arrival with a beautiful and laid-back shower with celebrity friends, including fellow Disney star Anna Maria Perez de Tagle.
Guests enjoyed a photo booth as well as booths for eyelash extensions, manicures and lip gloss. The 28-year-old actress was incredibly happy and smiling the whole day. One of her favorite parts? Getting to wear high heels!
“I finally threw my fit, it’s my baby shower, I get to wear heels!” she said. “I think from years of dance and performing I am more comfortable in heels than flats.”
Although KayCee said she’s had a fairly easy pregnancy in comparison to other pregnant women she’s seen, she does admit to one particular crazy craving.
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“The one thing, no matter what, no matter how nauseous I’m feeling is macaroni and cheese,” she said, before treating herself to pink cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery. “And I’ve never been a mac and cheese person!”
With Zetta’s arrival quickly approaching, KayCee said being a mother is finally becoming a reality.
“I am just to that point now where I am looking at clothes and things and thinking this is really real. I might see a baby in this soon!” she said. 
We can’t wait to meet her!