Ellen's doggy drama


Ellen DeGeneres' Doggygate just isn't dying down. She broke down in tears on her show yesterday about the pooch, Iggy, that she adopted from Mutts and Moms rescue agency and then gave away to her hairdresser's family when the pup didn't get along with her cats. The agency took the dog back because Ellen didn't let them know about the handoff. And now it's a standoff, with the agency refusing to give the dog back to Ellen's hairdresser and Ellen refusing to give up on it. On her show set to air today, Ellen pleads, "It's become so insane... the dog just needs to go to the family." Meanwhile, a spokesman for the agency said the owner "is adamant that she is not going to be bullied around by the Ellen DeGenereses of the world... They are using their power, position and wealth to try to get what it is they want."