Great news, lonely people! You can now buy a boyfriend/girlfriend and all it’ll cost is you $25!

The new service Invisible Girlfriend (or Boyfriend) is pretty much the best (or maybe worst) thing to happen to lonely people since Ben and Jerry’s ice cream, Netflix marathons and creepy sex dolls.

For the price of $25, people can fill out a little survey to complete a backstory and you’ll get text message and photos from a real, living human being who will distract you from thinking about why you signed up for such a service in the first place.

The creator of the service, Matthew Homann, says he was inspired after his divorce, as he became increasingly more frustrated with people asking if he had met someone new.

invisible girlfriend

He says his users vary, from soldiers who are pretending to have a significant other back home to men who are using the service as “practice” for when they have a real girlfriend.

By the way, if you’re already in a relationship but are feeling like you’re missing out on the world’s saddest social experiment — you can help! The sites are asking people to “donate” their selfies to serve as the pictures of the pretend boyfriends and girlfriends (which is like catfishing someone, only much less effort and fewer burner cell phones…).

You’ll get a T-shirt when someone picks your photo as the face of their girlfriend/boyfriend — but the real reward is thinking about what they’re doing with said picture of you…

Editor’s note: The main picture, above, is from Lars and the Real Girl. Sadly, your make-believe partner probably won’t be Ryan Gosling.

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