If you’re a super fan of Teen Mom OG — um, ?! — then you’ve probably noticed that Tyler Baltierra rarely drives, or at least not on camera. His wife, Catelynn Lowell, usually takes initiative when it comes to getting behind the wheel, so much so, that fans are starting to find it strange. In fact, there’s even a whole reddit thread dedicated to the mystery!

“They addressed this on Twitter and they said she loves driving and he gets easily irritated in traffic,” someone wrote in a thread created last year. Others pointed out that their significant others enjoy driving, so the same could be said for Cate. “I drive almost always with my husband as a passenger. I get anxious when I am not in control driving and also get car sick.” Another agreed, “I LOVE my car with a passion but hate driving. I do it, but if my husband and I are going somewhere together, he’s definitely driving. He would rather drive than be a passenger, so it’s perfect!”

catelynn lowell driving

Still, some weren’t so sure his reasoning made sense. Not to mention, he’s an avid car lover. “I’m totally in favor of whoever wants to drive gets to drive,” someone commented. “It was just curious to me that every scene I tune in to shows Cate driving when I know that Tyler is really into cars. It just struck me as suspiciously odd.” A second chimed in, “Cate and Tyler live in the middle of nowhere, a good hour or more from Detroit traffic. Unless Tyler is getting road rage at a tractor, there isn’t much traffic.”

These days, however, Tyler has to do all the driving alone. Earlier this month, Catelynn took to Twitter to reveal that she was entering rehab for the third time as she continues to battle her mental health issues. But even though her husband has remained by her side throughout all of the struggles that the couples have faced together in the past, it’s hard to stay strong and he opened up and hinted that he’s struggling to cope with all of the stress.

“I just don’t know if I can do this anymore,” the 26-year-old wrote on Twitter. Even though it’s unclear what Tyler was talking about, many fans thought that he was alluding to Cate’s mental health issues and they interpreted his tweet to mean that he’s having trouble in his marriage.

“I can totally understand, and Cate is so lucky to have u. But…’through sickness and in health…’ She needs [you] now more than ever,” one fan wrote, and another fan left a message of encouragement. “You can do it, Ty! You are strong, she is strong and you will both get through this,” the user wrote. “I know how hard it is to have someone you love so much going through something like this…but you love her [and] love prevails. Things will be normal again soon, hang in there!” Here’s to hoping the two can worth things out — they’re perfect for each other!

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