An Atlanta woman who goes by the username @ReesaMTeesa on TikTok posted a 52-part story titled “Who TF Did I Marry?” on the social media app and it detailed the absolutely wild events that led to her divorce from a man she calls “Legion.” The baffling tale quickly went viral and Reesa Teesa found herself in the spotlight overnight.

Who Is TikTok User Reesa Teesa?

While the social media content creator found herself in the spotlight after the story of her marriage to Legion went viral, not much is known about her. She keeps most of her information private and her actual name isn’t widely known. She also never revealed Legion’s actual name, something viewers have been trying to dig up since Reesa Teesa became well known.

What Happened to TikTok User Reesa Teesa?

In the hours-long story, Reesa Teesa gave fans an inside look at her marriage to Legion, who she claimed was a “pathological liar,” and all of the bizarre lies he told while the couple was together. Reesa Teesa and Legion met online and began dating a few weeks before the first COVID-19 lockdown went into effect. The couple chose to quarantine together. Legion claimed he was an arena football player who worked for Apple in the offseason. He also said he received a high salary and paid for all of the bills when they moved in together. Soon after, Reesa Teesa and Legion decided to buy a house.

Reesa Teesa recording a TikTok from her car

However, even though the man claimed he had been approved for a mortgage, every attempt at purchasing a house fell through. Despite those red flags, Reesa Teesa and Legion got married in January 2021, and Reesa Teesa started a new job. She then claimed to have ran a background check on Legion and discovered he was using a false social security number. When she learned his real social security number, she found out he was a former felon and had lied about his job.

Eventually, Reesa Teesa began learning almost everything Legion had told her was a lie. He even went as far as to fake phone calls with supposed family members, who she later contacted and learned that they had all cut ties with him. He also claimed that his daughter with his late wife died and Reesa Teesa helped pitch in on the cost of the funeral. She later learned that his daughter was alive and well, she claimed in her multi-part video.

What Happened to Legion?

After the lies began piling up, Reesa Teesa said she filed for divorce by the middle of 2021. However, after signing the divorce papers, the TikTok creator claimed that Legion began harassing her at her house and saying he was “ready to come home.” He showed up at her home soon after and Reesa Teesa called the police and he was ​allegedly arrested. Since then, she’s changed her phone number, moved and attempted to “start over.”

Reesa Teesa also said she’s been working on trying to forgive herself for believing all of Legion’s lies.

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