Side-by-Side Photos of Katie Yeager and Daughter Molli Today and Katie on 16 and Pregnant
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Ever since Teen Mom 3 was canceled in 2013, Katie Yeager has steered clear of the spotlight, but that doesn’t mean she’s not thriving behind the scenes. The former MTV mama is doing her best to raise daughter Molli right, and she shares the occasional glimpse into her life on social media. While costars like Briana DeJesus and Mackenzie McKee may have gone on to land larger roles in the Teen Mom franchise, Katie is keeping her life low-key.

Katie is living her life out of the limelight.

In 2017, she chatted with E! and revealed she’s enjoying having a “normal life” away from the cameras. “I went to school. I moved [from Wyoming] to Utah. I was working for a rehab facility and it was just a regular day-to-day life, taking care of my daughter. … I graduated from school and have always worked. I can now go places and be normal and not have people following me around. It always brings attention to you. If I want to go to the store and not brush my hair, I don’t have to worry about that because no one cares,” she revealed. “It was just [me and my daughter] and for a long time.”

She’s no longer with Molli’s dad.

Katie and ex Joey Maes had a messy relationship on the show, and they went their separate ways after filming ended. In 2017, she told E! they weren’t really in contact anymore. “It’s complicated,” she explained. “It’s always been complicated. I don’t think it ever will not be.”

She also seemingly threw some major shade at him on Instagram in 2016. “Today in science class I learned every cell in our entire body is replaced every seven years. How lovely it is to know one day I will have a body you will have never touched,” read a quote she shared on her feed. “Cannot wait for this day,” she captioned the post.

She also moved on with someone new.

In 2015, she started dating a new man named Tyler. Though she kept their relationship private, she shared the occasional photo of him on her account and posted about their one-year anniversary in August 2016. “London fog, flowers and Cafe Rio. Pretty good anniversary surprise from my better half,” she wrote with a heart-eyes emoji. “#Heresto50more.”

Though they welcomed a daughter together, it seems that relationship may not have worked out either. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, though. In January 2019, she hinted she was single and happy in a post about letting go of things that “weren’t meant to be.”

Sharing a quote about love, she wrote, “Last year my resolution was to ‘let it be.’ I let people who I had spent years trying to please go. Stopped worrying about situations that were out of my hands. Reminded myself that you can’t control what other people do, just your reactions to them. It was an effort at first but slowly it just became a part of me. I started this year reflecting on the previous one. I realized that I was at peace. For the first time in a long time. Which is who I want to be.”

She’s now a mother of two.

After announcing her pregnancy in September 2016, she welcomed “Baby Thayn” in March 2017. It’s not clear if Thayn is the little girl’s first name, last name or just a nickname Katie was using for her little one because she and her daughter’s father decided to keep their child out of the spotlight.

“He made it very clear that he didn’t want our daughter to be in the Teen Mom scene and to keep her out of the spotlight,” Katie told E! “I respect his wishes and don’t share [posts] about my younger daughter [on social media].”

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Molli is getting so big.

We may not get the chance to meet the 16 and Pregnant alum’s younger daughter, but she shares regular updates about Molli. In May 2019, she shared a photo of her firstborn on the last day of second grade. “Another amazing and successful year of school for Molli,” she captioned it. “She’s learned and grown so much. Watching her grow is the greatest gift. We are excited for a summer of adventure!”

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