This definitely hasn’t been Billy Bush’s year. First, that creepy tape where he joked about assaulting women with Donald Trump came out, then he lost his job on the Today show, then his wife dumped him, and now, as the cherry on top, he ended up in the hospital after taking a golf ball straight to the dome.

“FORE!! Thanks nurse Katrina, Jovi, Jenn, Mercy @cedarssinai for the bed, the care, the ice,” he wrote alongside three Instagram photos from a hospital room with a gnarly welt on his head. “I think I dodged a bullet… but sadly not a golf ball. Scan is clear, let the jokes begin #putmedownforpar.” Yikes.

billy bush, instagram

A fan joked that Billy’s pal Howard Owens probably “shanked a hybrid,” (or hit the ball the wrong way with his golf club) to which Billy responded “three wood! I should not be upright right now.” It definitely seems like Billy is in good spirits despite everything.

Something very interesting about the photo is that Billy is clearly still wearing his wedding ring, despite the fact that his rep confirmed in September that Billy and his wife Sydney Davis had separated. He still doesn’t have any new photos with his wife on Instagram, but no documents seem to have been filed confirming their divorce, so maybe they reunited or maybe he’s just wearing the ring while they are separated and figuring everything out.

billy bush, insta

Things have gone downhill for Billy pretty quickly since 2016, when that infamous video of him enjoying a little “locker room talk” with Donald Trump went public. However, we can’ really say we feel bad for him, since it’s all his own fault. Except, maybe, the golf ball to the head. Maybe it’ll knock some sense into him and he can start 2018 off on the right foot!

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