Popular TikTok creator Elyse Myers has made fans laugh daily with her fast-paced storytelling for more than three years. However, those who visited her page on the app on or after March 18, 2024, were no longer able to enjoy her content, as Elyse seemingly deleted all of her videos. What happened to her TikTok account?

Who Is Elyse Myers?

Elyse went viral in 2021 for sharing her story about the time she went on a first date with a man from a dating app who tricked her into buying 100 tacos from a Taco Bell drive-thru. The video garnered millions of views, comments and likes and brought attention to Elyse’s account. At the time, she was working as a web developer and only making TikTok videos for fun.

“As the account started growing really steadily, I started realizing, ‘This could be something down the road,’” she told People in 2022.

Since then, Elyse’s account has grown to have 7.1 million followers. In the last three years, she has continued to tell hilarious stories and share other aspects of her life, including her hobbies of writing music, singing, crocheting and more. Ultimately, the comedian and influencer told People that she wants to “add value to people’s lives” with her content.

What Happened to Elyse Myers’ TikTok Account?

While Elyse’s TikTok account is still active as of March 25, 2024, all of the videos have been removed from her account. Her bio includes a simple message stating, “Taking a break from this app. I’ll see you when I see you,” as well as a white heart emoji.

What Happened to Elyse Myers' TikTok? Social Media Break Updates
Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix

Elyse did not share a reason for her decision to take a break from TikTok. However, many fans have speculated that it had to do with the comments she received on her page relating to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in Gaza in the days leading up to her exit. The comments appeared to be part of Operation Watermelon, a movement started by fellow TikToker Angie (@angie_mariie) that encouraged supporters to mention Gaza and Palestine on the pages of popular creators. Unfortunately, this led to a flood of users harassing Elyse in her comments sections for not publicly speaking about the conflict on her page.

Many of Elyse’s fans have defended her for not speaking out due to the personal matters she has been dealing with at home, as her second child, Oliver, was recently born with a hole in his heart. It’s possible she decided to take a break from the social media app to focus on her family, which also includes son August and husband Jonas.

Is Elyse Myers on Other Social Media?

In addition to deleting the videos from her TikTok account, Elyse deleted the content from her Instagram page and replaced her bio with the same message. However, she is still active on YouTube. It’s unclear if or when Elyse plans to return to her other social media accounts.

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