If you've seen less of Donna Lombardi lately on Black Ink Crew, you found out why during the March 28 episode of the VH1 reality show. So what happened to Donna? The tattoo artist, 25, had an ectopic pregnancy — a pregnancy in which the fertilized egg attaches itself somewhere other than the uterus — and lost her baby. Even worse, a surgeon had to remove one of her fallopian tubes. Fans just saw this Cleveland native realize she was pregnant a couple months ago on the show, and they probably never expected this result.

"I just got home from the hospital, and I'm in shock," Donna tells us viewers in the episode. "The doctor just performed an emergency surgery to remove a fallopian tube [and] part of my uterus, and I just lost my baby — which sounds crazy for me to even have to say because I didn't even know I was pregnant. So it's just a lot for me to process right now."

We also see Donna's boyfriend, Moe, checking in on her. "It hurts sitting up, it hurts when I lay down," she tells him. "Like, two days ago, not even, I was pregnant. And now, half of my f–king reproductive organs are gone … And not even to be dramatic or nothing, but ain't it f–ked up? … Like, it's not fair … I feel like I've been robbed of so much f–king life experience. And that's s–t. Like, I'm 25. Like, I'm a good person, for real."

Moe tries his best to be supportive, saying, "You've gotta look at the bright side of it. They could have taken your whole uterus. You can still have babies … Everything's gonna be good. You've just gotta get better and be strong. I'll take care of you a little bit. Everything's gonna be alright."

But Donna tells us viewers she's having trouble seeing that bright side. "I know things could have been a lot worse, but I'm really having a hard time adjusting to this new reality," she says. "Because of this surgery, all of my future pregnancies are automatically high-risk. And that's if I can even get pregnant. This s–t is f–ked up … I've had a part of my womanhood literally taken from me, and I'm just sitting here stunned. I am just sad that my options got taken away from me, you know? I'm just trying to find out, like, why?"

We hope Donna finds the answers she needs… and the hope she deserves. Tune into VH1 on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET to see how she recovers.

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