She isn’t letting anything get in the way of speaking her truth. R. Kelly survivor Jerhonda Pace has been extremely vocal about her previous relationship with the 52-year-old and not everyone is happy about it. Following the 25-year-old’s appearance in the documentary Surviving R. Kelly, where she made several allegations of sexual misconduct against the disgraced singer, online trolls have been targeting her with vindictive messages and hate accounts. Despite being tormented by some, she refused to back down.

“This is why so many people don’t come forward. This will not stop me from speaking my truth,” Jerhonda captioned a screenshot of an Instagram account entitled: Mutejerhondaa. In the image, the accounts profile picture is of Jerhonda with the word “mute” over her mouth. “Jerhonda Pace is a dumb bitch and deserves to d1e [sic] #MuteJerhondaPace,” reads the bio.

Several hateful messages are written to the survivor in the grid, some even targeting her unborn child. “Kill Jerhonda Pace,” and “I hope Jerhonda’s baby dies insider her belly,” read some of the vulgar posts.

R. Kelly Survivor Jerhonda Pace Shames a Hate Account
Courtesy of Jerhonda Pace/Instagram

After shedding light on the hate-filled account on Sunday, January 5, several people spoke out in her defense and the cruelty of others. “What is wrong with people? They [are] literally that pressed, wow,” one user wrote in the comments, to which Jerhonda responded, “It’s worse on Twitter. R. Kelly’s fan pages are making accounts and wishing death on my unborn. Crazy stuff. I’m still going to speak my truth.”

Others added, “You’re gonna [sic] have to ignore it as best as you can! Keep telling your truth!” with praying hand emojis. “Oh my god. This is so ugly. I’m so sorry. Keep speaking up. There’s many of us that want to see you and the other survivors succeed in life and see R. Kelly in jail,” another wrote.

Although those words sting, she won’t let them stop her from telling her story. In August 2017, Jerhonda broke her nondisclosure agreement with the rapper in order to take a stand. According to Jerhonda, she met Kelly back in 2008 outside of a Chicago courtroom where he was on trial for child pornography. She was only 15 years old at the time. She claimed they started a sexual relationship when she was 16. Kelly has denied all allegations of sexual misconduct.

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