The rock-your-world type of love triangle between characters Billie Connelly, her husband, Cooper Connelly, and bad boy former flame, Brad Simon, had fans on the edge of their seat throughout the eight-episode Netflix series Sex/Life. So, who did she choose in the end? Keep reading to find out what happened in the finale amid hopes for season 2. Warning: there will be spoilers ahead. 

What Happened at the End of Sex/Life Season 1?

The suburban wife and mother of two, played by actress Sarah Shahi, had a tough choice to make when season 1 came to a climax (in more ways than one). She was forced to choose between the undeniable lust and connection she felt toward her toxic young love, ex-boyfriend Brad (Adam Demos), or rebuild the shattered trust she had with her once-untainted husband, Cooper (Mike Vogel), who always remained tried and true.

Sex Life Ending Explained Meaning Season 2 Details

After seeing the silver lining in sticking with her spouse, Billie had temporary solace in her life again but soon discovered the truth that it was just “not enough.” The next scene showed her rushing over to Brad’s apartment in the city before he greeted her with a cheeky smile at the door. Billie told him she had no plans to leave Cooper but was in need of a fix that only Brad could give her.

Back at home, Cooper saw her location via a family tracking app and was beside himself. He reached out to his prospective love interest, boss Francesca (Li Jun Li), who had her doors open for the moment the couple may split. Did Cooper approve of their tryst in order to save his marriage? His tears seemed to indicate Billie ran off and had chosen to pursue Brad, but it will remain a mystery for now. 

Is There a Meaning Behind Billie’s Decision?

Shahi explained the significance of Billie returning to Brad after going through hell and high water with Cooper, although Billie did say their new arrangement “changes nothing” on the show. The move was especially shocking considering everything she did to save her marriage. This was after Cooper read the sexually explicit details of her past encounters with Brad in her computer and even had a heart-to-heart with the record producer about who would be best for Billie. 

Billie appeared to be getting back on track before her reunion with Brad, even going back to school to finish her psychology PhD. “When she goes to Brad in those last moments and says, ‘Now f–k me,’ it’s not so much about him,” the actress told Refinery29. “It is about her unleashing this part of herself that she’s been denying for so long. A lot of people go, ‘Is it Team Cooper? Is it Team Brad?’ I’ve always been on Team Billie. I refute the notion of being able to find yourself or define yourself as a woman through a man.”

Sex Life Ending Explained Meaning Season 2 Details

Will There Be a Season 2?

Fans hope there will be more episodes in 2022 after Sarah shared an update in an Instagram Stories Q&A on July 11. “Fingers crossed!” she said about the network requesting another season. “We’ve been in the Top 10 for over a week in 86 countries, including the U.S., and that’s bananas! But Netflix also really cares how many people watch the whole thing in the first 28 days, so encourage your friends to finish if they haven’t yet.”

The series, which is based on B. B. Easton‘s 2016 book, 44 Chapters About 4 Men, premiered on June 25.

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