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Zach Braff Wants a ‘Scrubs’ Reunion As Much As You Do!

Who has two thumbs and desperately wants a Scrubs reunion?! This girl — and apparently I’m not alone! In a recent interview with The IMDb Show to promote his new series, Alex, Inc, everyone’s favorite TV doctor, Zach Braff, revealed that he wants a Scrubs reboot just as much as you do! When asked if he would rather see Scrubs as a rebooted show, or a made-for-TV movie, he revealed that he definitely preferred the latter — and even ran the idea by Scrubs creator (and Zach’s close friend) Bill Lawrence!

“I had a whole TV movie pitch for Bill Lawrence,” he confessed. When asked what the one-and-only John Dorian would be up to in 2018, the Garden State writer played coy. “I can’t tell you because it’s part of my pitch, but I told him this whole pitch over dinner and he laughed a lot and said, ‘We’ll see, we’ll see.’ I think it would be fun to do a two-hour Scrubs movie — I would totally do that!”

Needless to say, we’d be down too! And Zach isn’t the only one who has expressed interested in a reunion. His on- and off-screen bestie Donald Faison was once asked about the possibility of doing another movie and revealed, “It would have to take everybody to come back to do the reboot. Not just the cast, but also the producers and the writers to make it work, in my opinion.”

In his IMDb Show interview, Zach echoed the praise for the writers — while reassuring Scrubs fans that if they loved Scrubs, they should definitely tune in to Alex, Inc. (which debuts Wednesday, March 28 at 8:30 p.m. on ABC). When asked what the “secret sauce” was to Scrubs’ success, Zach replied, “That’s a good question, I think it was the writing, so at times it could be silly and they have these fantasies that were so surreal and absurd, but then you’d come around the corner and we would be totally straight talking about a patient and life and death — and that’s what we strike to do with Alex, Inc.. It’s a comedy first and foremost — but it is about a family struggling to make it happen.”

We know we’ll definitely be tuning in! Want even more Scrubs content? Scroll through the gallery below to see what all of J.D.’s love interests are up to today!

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