Get ‘em, Roger Mathews! After the Jersey Shore star admitted he was getting some work done to his face on Instagram, he dealt with the haters by clapping back and defending his parenting skills. “I was the guy who always said he’d grow old gracefully, then something happened,” the 44-year-old captioned a photo of himself getting injected by a doctor on Thursday, November 7. “I got old. F—k that s—t. Fighting it subtly with a little Botox from my friends @spatologie_. Just a little touch-up to keep those forehead stress wrinkles at bay. Was a bad year for stress wrinkles, LOL.”

However, many of his followers were confused why he was getting the procedure done in the first place. One person wrote, “Dude!? You’re spotless! WTF are you doing? You haven’t learned from experience? You’re barely 40!!??? What goes on!?!?!? Stop it. I thought you were better than this. SMH,” while another echoed, “You know Botox doesn’t fix anything, right?” A third chimed in, writing, “No, Roger!”

Ultimately, one follower stuck up for the truck driver. “Damn. My man gets a little Botox, and everyone starts hating heavy, LOL. F—k that, man. Do you, Roger.” Roger was appreciative of the nice comment but pointed out that this isn’t even the worst criticism he’s gotten on the ‘gram when it comes to being a father. “Oh, this is nothing,” the dad of two — he shares Meilani, 5, and Greyson, 3, with his ex-wife, Jenni “JWoww” Farley — began. “Trust me. If I took a picture of my kids in anything less than a school uniform and perfect posture, then you’d see the real trolls come out from under their bridges. Stay tuned. I like to keep them on their toes. Next week I got both kids removing asbestos in NYC with no suits or respirators and going to live stream it. Just wait.”


He added, “They’re doing a good deed, but watch the naysayers. They get testy.” The same follower couldn’t help but praise Roger for being genuine on social media. “LMFAO, brother. That’s hilarious,” they wrote. “Keep on staying positive. I love how you kill ‘em with positivity mixed with comedy. Your responses honestly brighten my day.”

On October 27, the reality TV personality responded to parents who weren’t happy with his children’s Halloween costumes since they had toy cigarettes in their mouths. But Roger was able to find the humor in the situation. “I find it laughable that some overly sensitive people had an issue with my kids dressing up for Halloween and having fake prop cigarettes to fit a character role, which they NAILED by the way,” he told In Touch exclusively about the drama. “I have no time for sensitive Sally’s out there who want to let their kids grow up in a bubble. These are likely the same parents who grew up with fake candy cigarettes just like I did. Those are much worse for you than ones filled with cotton.”

Roger also advised some people to unfollow him if they don’t enjoy seeing his content. “Also very likely the same parents who dress their kids up with fake blood, knives, guns and gore, but that’s OK. If you’re a sensitive soul, don’t follow my page,” he said. “It will give you nightmares. And the Mathews family certainly are not apologizing to anyone for some prop cigarettes for Halloween costumes. The real world is a tough place for some people. Stay in your mom’s basement on your computer making troll comments.”

Roger Mathews' Kids Wearing Halloween Outfits
Courtesy of Roger Mathews/Instagram

“We are gonna keep on being us, living life to the fullest and enjoying the positive souls who walk amongst us,” he continued.

We love Roger’s honesty! Keep it up.

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