Let the festivities begin! New Year’s Eve is quickly approaching, meaning there will be several parties thrown across the globe to celebrate the special occasion: that’s right ⁠— it’s about to be 2020! To make sure your NYE bash is popping, we’ve rounded up some of the best drinking games to play (with your pals that are 21 and over, of course).

Considering how so many friends and family members will be gathering for the holiday, it’s the perfect time to incorporate some fun things to do. How else are we going to stay up until midnight? Without further ado, here’s some options!

Beer Pong

It’s a classic and TBH, the game is also cost effective. All you need is some ale, a table, some plastic cups and ping pong balls. To set up, two or more players arrange six to 10 cups *or more* in a triangle formation on each side of the table. Players will aim the ping pong ball with the hopes of landing in just one of their opponent’s cups each time. It’s harder than it sounds!

Drunk Jenga

This is basically an exciting twist on the game Jenga. It’s advised to write dares on each block, so that each time somebody pulls one out they have to do something. Feel free to get creative, that’s the best part! Oh, and if anybody knocks over the tower, that’s grounds for having to finish their drink.

If you don’t want to leave marks on your blocks, there are pre-made tower games available with instructions ready to rock.

New Years Eve


Have some quarters sitting in your pocket? Well, then you’re half way there. The idea is to bounce a quarter into the glass, which is located at the center of the table. If the person makes it in the cup, they can tell whoever to take a shot or have a sip of their own drink and that person’s turn doesn’t end until he or she misses.

Vodka Roulette

This game is pretty self explanatory. A person sets up a few cups with water and vodka (because it’s also clear) to throw others off and they hand one out to every player. Someone can be designated as the “bartender” to make it easy, but let party-goers know there is no cheating allowed (a.k.a. smelling the beverage). Everyone should try to drink at the same time.

Never Have I Ever

Don’t want to spend a cent? Fortunately, it’s not necessary! “Never Have I Ever” is an amusing drinking game which allows players to take turns asking other people what they haven’t done before. If they have done it, then it’s time to sip.

Feel free to change the rules accordingly, as there are several ways to play these games.

Please drink responsibly!

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