TV personality Meghan McCain is putting “everyone on edge” at The View, a source tells In Touch exclusively, and it’s causing the tension between her and her cohosts to be palpable. Rumors have been swirling that Meghan and the other ladies are at odds because of her outspoken personality and feisty comments on the show.

It’s even upsetting Joy [Behar], “who lives for political on-air battles,” the insider exclusively tells In Touch, noting how the ABC alum, 77, is over Meghan’s shenanigans and stays clear of her as soon as they wrap.

TV Tension? Meghan McCain Putting 'Everyone on Edge' at 'The View'
ABC/Lorenzo Bevilaqua

Meghan, 35, and Abby Huntsman also share a special bond, but apparently, they are going through a rough patch. “They really liked each other, they have a ton in common, but Meghan is so intense and gets so heated that she can’t separate her hosting duties from their friendship,” the source tells In Touch. “They’re taking a little friendship break.”

When it comes to Whoopi Goldberg and Sunny Hostin, they like having “a differing opinion on the show, but Meghan makes it so hard,” the insider shares. “Once they stop taping it’s difficult for them to detach what was said on the show and how they interact when the cameras aren’t rolling. Whoopi likes to say that they all really get along, but that’s not true. The bottom line is that it’s a hot mess over on The View.”

On the other hand, many viewers do appreciate Meghan’s ability to speak her mind, especially because she’s not afraid to ruffle a few feathers while sharing her thoughts on a controversial topic.

TV Tension? Meghan McCain Putting 'Everyone on Edge' at 'The View'
ABC/Paula Lobo

However, in December 2019, there was a very awkward moment between her and Whoopi, 64, during a heated segment. As Whoopi tried to transition into a commercial break, Meghan said it felt like they never wanted to have “a conservative perspective on this show ever,” leading the Sister Act actress to fire back.

“Girl, please stop talking!” she told Meghan. “Please stop talking now.”

Only one month prior, Whoopi shut down rumors of a feud, saying, “I’ve been there for almost 10 years. Everyone has what they need to do, and folks, when it’s women they say, ‘You know, they’re fighting.’ If we were fighting, you’d actually know it.”

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