In 2012, Martina Big realized she had to make an incredibly difficult choice: She could either continue her comfortable, familiar life as a flight attendant — or she could get the refillable breast implants she’s always wanted and fulfill her dream of becoming a model.

And, well, her size-32K breasts make it pretty obvious what she decided to do. The 26-year-old — who says she always admired Pamela Anderson — opted to get rare implants that are “very stretchable,” allowing a doctor to easily fill them with saline to enlarge them as she sees fit.

Martina says she has no regrets about her decision to follow her dream, telling Barcroft TV, “It’s about the image that I had to maintain as a flight attendant for the airline. Small, discreet body modifications are no problem as a flight attendant but I wanted a showy, extravagant look.”

And she definitely accomplished that — not to say she’s done going under the knife! She hopes to increase her breasts to twice their current size, before moving on to other body parts — “I’ve also been thinking about butt implants.”

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