Mary Kay Letourneau was charged with child rape when she was caught having an affair with her then-sixth-grade student Vili Fualaau. But what people frequently forget is that her now-husband wasn’t the only victim of her illicit actions nearly two decades ago — she had a husband and four children that were also affected by her illegal and horrifying affair.

In 2015 — shortly after Mary Kay resurfaced for an interview with Barbara Walters — an insider told Radar Online that her first husband and college sweetheart, Steve Letourneau, has found happiness in his private life following the sex scandal. He went on to marry twice more and eventually "moved on" with his life after the limelight faded.

steve letourneau

Steve, around the time of his wedding to Mary Kay.

When the one-time teacher was arrested in 1997 — and revealed she was pregnant with her first child by Vili (her daughter Audrey is now 20) — Steve filed for divorce and got custody of their four children, Steven Jr., Mary Claire, Nicholas, and Jacqueline. Despite their mother’s reputation, her adult children have found success and happiness, too. The insider said Nicholas graduated from Georgetown with a computer science degree, and Steven Jr., who is less than two years younger than his stepfather, is a father-of-two.

steve letourneau

Steve and Mary Kay got married while they were undergrads at Arizona State University.

Despite their tumultuous childhoods, all of the children Mary Kay shares with Steve grew up to be well adjusted adults. “I attribute all of that to Steven, not to Mary Kay,” the insider explained. While Mary Kay insisted all six of her children (in addition to Audrey, Vili and Mary Kay also share Georgia, 19) have a close relationship, Vili told Barbara Walters, “It’s an awkward feeling, for sure, to be close in age with someone [who is] technically your stepson or stepdaughter.”

However, things weren't always so easy for Mary Kay and her ex-husband, who alerted the authorities of his wife's sexual relationship with her former student. In an upcoming autobiography penned by Mary Kay and Vili, Vili alleged that Mary Kay's first husband threatened him when he first learned of the affair. Vili explained, "He came to my house and confronted me about it and told me if I don't want my mom knowing about this or anyone knowing about this, it was going to end. I was worried about everything, about Mary, myself and I said okay, I don't want this to get out anywhere. The fear of my mom's reaction and the thought of everyone being affected by it was one of my biggest fears, so I said, for the better of everyone, okay. It was kind of devastating."

While things were complicated for the blended family in the mid-90s, they've since found peace. The insider said Steve has had no problem putting the scandal behind him. He’s worked for Alaskan Airlines for 32 years, and he has two more daughters (by his second ex-wife, Kelly Whalen).

“He has little communication with Mary Kay,” the source said. “But he’s gotten on with his life and everything is positive. He is a wonderful man and father. None of the kids have turned out bad and he did it all on his own. Steven is a wonderful, hardworking man. He’s always provided and care for his family.”