Seems like they’re really over! Back in June 2017, Mary Kay Letourneau and her student-turned-husband, Vili Fualaau, filed for legal separation, but within the month, they revealed to Radar Online that it was more of a publicity stunt than a step towards divorce. Later that same year, though, the split seemed to turn serious, with the former teacher filing paperwork to contest the separation and attempt reconciliation. By November 2018, it seemed the two were officially back together — but now a new Radar report says that’s all over.

According to the outlet, the couple are moving forward with that legal separation after all. A court clerk for King County Superior Court confirmed with the site that the legal separation was transferred to private arbitration on February 14 just days before their court date, which had been set for February 19. Sounds like the romantic day of the year just couldn’t save their marriage. In arbitration, the couple, who married in 2005, will iron out the details of their separation with an unbiased negotiator who will ideally help them come to a mutual agreement.

Together, the couple has two daughters, Audrey and Georgia. Though Mary Kay and Vili’s older daughter was born when the boy was just 13 years old, they’re both all grown up now. It was for their sake that Vili’s family was able to get along with his wife. “I can’t say I hate Mary,” said his mother, Soona Vili, while on the stand during one of the former teacher’s trials. “Just a couple of weeks ago my granddaughter turned around to me and asked, ‘Do you love my Mary mommy, Grandma?’ And I’m supposed to tell her ‘Yeah, I hate your mother?’ I can’t. I can’t,” she said according to ABC News. “Looking at my granddaughters, I can’t consciously say I hate this woman.”

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