He said vs. she said. Lindsie Chrisley claims she was “approached” by her estranged brother Chase’s friend Austin Duriez before their alleged altercation on Saturday, July 24, her lawyer, Musa Ghanayem, tells In Touch exclusively.  

“Lindsie was in a private area at a bar,” Ghanayem says about what allegedly happened with Duriez over the weekend in Atlanta. “She was approached a few times by this person who was being very rude to her. He’s friends with her brother, he was doing everything he can do to make her uncomfortable.” 

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“He was asked to leave, he did not,” Ghanayem claims. “He continued to be rude not just to Lindsie, but to other people in [her] group.” 

Duriez previously shared his side of the story in a police report obtained by TMZ, which was the first outlet to break news of the alleged incident on Tuesday, July 27. He claimed Chrisley threw a drink in a glass at him for some “unexplained reason.” 

Duriez alleged the drink got on him, so he apparently flagged down a bouncer and had Chrisley, 31, removed. He claimed that Chrisley “made a scene” after being kicked out, and that’s allegedly when Duriez exited the venue. Duriez reportedly called the cops the following day on Sunday, July 25, and was unsure about pressing charges due to the incident involving his pal’s sister. 

According to TMZ, the alleged altercation between Duriez and Chrisley stemmed from drama over her family facing tax evasion charges, leading to the estrangement between Chrisley and her relatives.

In 2019, Chrisley was accused of leaking private information about her family’s finances to an investigator. Chrisley’s dad, Todd, and stepmom, Julie, were cleared of Georgia state-level charges in October 2019 but still face federal charges, for which they have both pleaded not guilty.

Lindsie Chrisley Approached By Estranged Brother Chase Friend Before Alleged Altercation
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While addressing the alleged altercation between the “Coffee Convos” podcast host and Duriez, Ghanayem says that Duriez was actually the person removed from the location and not his client. 

“When asked to leave, [Duriez] didn’t leave. When he got into Lindsie’s face, she gestured like she was throwing a drink. There was not enough liquid in the glass to hit him in the face, it landed on his shirt,” Chrisley’s attorney tells In Touch. “After the incident, he was escorted out of the private area. He alleges a glass was thrown — the bar doesn’t serve [drinks] in glasses.” 

“The police report was inconsistent,” Ghanayem tells In Touch. “The video was embarrassing for the person who made the allegation. No action was taken because the report was not true.”

Duriez did not immediately respond to In Touch‘s request for comment.

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