Comedian Kathy Griffin has stunned fans with her unrecognizable look after getting her lips tattooed in a procedure she referred to as “blushing” that left her with a large red pout.

In an August 24 YouTube post, Kathy, 62, took viewers along as she underwent the procedure. She explained beforehand, “I’m getting my lips tattooed but they call it blushing, we’ll see,” while makeup free.

She was next seen in a chair with a white liquid around the lining of her lips followed by a clear plastic cover over her lower face. A technician was shown applying a red liquid on Kathy’s lips, and she delighted in showing off her new look to actress pal Kristen Johnston afterward.


As she looked on in disbelief, the Third Rock From the Sun alum, 55, asked, “What did you do? That’s not real!” as Kathy responded, “Yes, it is” after saying she got her lips tattooed the previous day.

Later on in the video, a slide appeared that read, “4 to 6 days later…” and it showed a smiling Kathy with her lips looking far less plump and much more natural, as the swelling had gone down and she applied a lighter pink shade of lipstick.

kathy griffin after lip tattoos

“In July, I decided to get my lips tattooed at Vale of Shadows in Los Angeles. I also added in a little “I’ll Say It (Miami Remix) courtesy of yours truly. Hope you enjoy! XXOO, KG” she captioned the YouTube post. One fan commented, “Eeee! I was scared for you at first, but the end result looks amazing! You look beautiful, Kathy. I’m really glad to see you again, it’s been too long.”

“I have to say that Kristen’s response was mine as well initially. Looks great now,” another person wrote while one viewer added, “Turned out great!! They were a bit alarming at first, but that was definitely swelling. You chose wisely!”

According to the Cleveland Clinic, lip blushing is a “a semi-permanent tattoo” to “enhance the look and appearance of your lips through tattooing” for “those who want the illusion of fuller lips.” It is done by “depositing color ink into your lips and along your lip line to improve the overall look.

Numerous fans noted how happy they were to have Kathy back on YouTube after a three-year absence. On August 20, she dropped her new comedy special, but her lip tattoo video was the first look into her personal life in so long. The former Fashion Police panelist announced in August 2021 that she’d been diagnosed with lung cancer and had half of her left lung removed. Kathy revealed she was cancer-free during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live! that December.

Kathy opened up in June 2023 about how she underwent surgery on her left vocal cord, which altered her voice. “This surgery gave me more resonance. So, the voice that I have now I’m actually quite happy with. But they did tell me the prognosis is: It probably won’t ever get better than this,” she said.

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