It’s been a big month for John David Duggar! Not only did he recently tie the knot with his new bride, Abbie Grace Burnett, but it seems like he also just won the election in his Constable race. Though the Duggar family didn’t make any official announcement that one of their kids was running for office, John’s been elected to the Constable position before. And it seems like he was just reelected to the unpaid position once more.

Though he hasn’t confirmed the news just yet, Jill Duggar‘s son Israel is the one who accidentally let word of the political run slip. Of course, Jill then immediately shared it on her Instagram, but can you blame the 27-year-old for being proud of her big brother? The story came out when the mother of two took her kids to the polls. Izzy was trying to help his mom with her ballot when he started reading part of it out loud.

“So I was explaining the whole voting process to Israel and as we were walking over with our ballot (Israel was helping carry it) to drop it in the box he tells the guy directing us, ‘Hey, this says we voted for John Duggar!'” she wrote. “The guy said, ‘Oh, I’m not supposed to know that… We’ve gotta keep that stuff a surprise in here.’ Then he looks at me… ‘But you take him right out there about 100ft…’ lol.😂 ”

Other than that weird joke about electioneering outside of a polling place, it’s a pretty cute post. And it seems like Jill’s vote worked, because the official website for Washington County, AR, lists John as winning 57.69% of the vote with 97.67% precincts counted. Those are pretty good odds! We can’t wait to see what John has to say now that he’s on social media — although we expect he’ll be pretty busy with getting ready for and going on his honeymoon over the next few days.

Maybe the rest of his family will celebrate? After all, Jill wasn’t the only one that shared about going to the polls. Joy-Anna Duggar shared a few days ago that she, Jedidiah, and Jeremiah had gotten their vote in early. Anna Duggar also posted an election day family photo with Josh Duggar and their five kids. We’re sure they are incredibly proud of John, and we imagine that he’ll be back at work soon.

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