Joe Scarborough and wife Mika Brzezinski are bickering so loudly no one around them can hear themselves think — and sources exclusively tell In Touch it’s leading to a breaking point in their marriage and on the airwaves.

“Mika has reached her limit with Joe’s constant interruptions during their show, Morning Joe, and in their personal lives,” a source says of the former congressman, who will turn 61 on April 9, and his wife, 56.

“This frustration culminated in a dramatic confrontation that has affected both their professional dynamic and their relationship,” the insider adds.

In a recent incident, Brzezinski shocked the MSNBC staff by publicly reprimanding her husband on air, urging him to stop interrupting her — and Scarborough responded by mocking his wife!

“Given the challenges of working with one’s partner, Joe and Mika may benefit from taking some time apart to cool down and address their issues,” suggests an insider. “Something has to give — because the current situation is not sustainable!”

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