They’re breaking free! When Jinger Duggar and her husband, Jeremy Vuolo, opted to move to Laredo, TX. — far away from her family’s native Arkansas, many fans joked that she was finally “breaking free” of the Duggars. And since getting married last fall, the 23-year-old has done more than physically freed herself with her long distance move!

She’s also mentally broken free of the Duggars’ strict lifestyle. Whether it’s wearing pants or rumors of being on birth control, Jinger has never been afraid to do her own thing. Check out the video below to get an update on how Jinger lives a life that’s so different than the rest of her sisters!

Despite Jinger’s desire to “be her own person,” a source close to the couple insists to Radar that she means no disrespect when she opts to go on a different path than her parents and siblings. “They aren’t attacking their family’s belief system,” says the source. “The family doesn’t mind at all. They are thrilled to see them push out on their own.” Unfortunately, not all fans have been as accepting. The source continues, “There will always be folks that hate what they don’t understand. It’s sad, but that’s life.”

Of course, Jeremy and Jinger have never let the haters stop them from doing their thing. Keep it up!

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