Ireland Baldwin is setting the record straight. Her new tattoo, which the 25-year-old debuted on Instagram, is not a nude portrait of Kendall Jenner. But the model/actress isn’t offended by fans’ assumptions. 

On August 15, the daughter of Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger shared a snapshot of her ink and fans wondered if the black-haired, naked pin-up was inspired by the 25-year-old Keeping Up With The Kardashians alum. 

“Who else thought this was Kendall Jenner?” an Instagram user commented. 

Another user added, “[It’s] Kendall right? [Wow,] she got a tattoo of Kendall[,] interesting.”


Ireland addressed the speculations in her Instagram Stories on Monday, August 16.

“My tattoo isn’t Kendall Jenner,” Ireland wrote over an image of herself. “She’s beautiful tho [sic] so I’ll take it… but it’s actually an illustration that was done in the 60’s.” 

The Portland, Oregon, tattoo artist Parker B. also shared a video of her work and a slide of the original art the portrait was based on. 

The professional DJ went on to defend her tattoos in the subsequent slides of her Instagram Stories — perhaps addressing one person in particular. Her famous father had left a one-word comment on the tattoo photo: “No!”


“I love my tattoos and I’m going to keep getting them because it’s my body, life’s short and it’s none of your business,” Ireland wrote. “Also… you thought I was trying to look a certain way for YOU?”

The Grudge Match actress also addressed the commenters who felt the need to question her choice to get the tattoo.

“Wait wait wait… you thought I was going to stop getting tattoos because Bilbo Baggins over in my comments doesn’t think I’m hot anymore?” she wrote. 

She followed up The Lord of the Rings jab with, “I’m really sorry to Bilbo Baggins for that insult. He didn’t deserve that.”

Ireland has long been open about her struggles with body positivity. In 2018, she shared an old photo of herself on her Instagram Stories, captioning it “anorexia throwback.” 

“I battled with many eating disorders and body issues as a younger girl and it took me a long time to find self love and acceptance!” she wrote. “Trust me, all of that pain and destruction I inflicted on myself wasn’t worth it. Turning down so. Many. Sides. Of. Fries. Wasn’t worth it!!”

On August 15, 2020, the model announced on Instagram that it was the sixth anniversary of being free of eating disorders.

“Today marks six years that I have been free of anorexia and bulimia and all of my other food compulsion and eating disorders that I struggled through for many years,” Ireland said. “And today marks six years. So, you can do it.”

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