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Discover Secrets to Maintaining a Healthy Immune System

Staying healthy in 2020! The No. 1 factor in remaining healthy and not getting sick is … a strong immune system!

On episode 3 of “The Secrets to a Healthier, Happier You in 2020” podcast, Us Weekly‘s Christina Garibaldi is joined by RxSaver’s medical expert Dr. Holly Phillips to discuss everything you need to know about maintaining a healthy immune system.

“It’s essentially our bodies’ defense against everything outside, and particularly diseases and infections,” Phillips explains. “Ranging from viruses and bacteria and everything that’s outside of our body that we want to keep out.”

The first tip? Get enough sleep.

“I really have to emphasize that,” the doc reveals. “If you don’t get enough sleep, it creates a cascade of stress hormones.”

This Podcast Will Help You Stay Positive In 2020
Dr. Holly Phillips, MD.

During the episode, Phillips also reveals the right — and wrong — foods to help your immune system stay strong.

“If you’d like to boost your immune system, make your plate as colorful as possible,” she says. “Brightly colored fruits and vegetables … If it’s really bright, you know you have the antioxidants you need.”

For more tips to avoid catching the common cold or ending up stuck on the couch for weeks, listen to “Secrets to a Healthier, Happier You” episode 3.

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