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There aren’t many experiences in life that are as enjoyable and wholesome as driving out to a campground or the middle of nowhere with your loved ones and camping in the wilderness. Experiences like this are becoming rarer, especially considering how our culture is making a shift towards a totally digital society. What happened to family weekend camping trips and deep face-to-face conversations? While the companies that care more about their profit than your well-being would try to convince you that these experiences are things of the past, Haugen RV Group stands out among the crowd. This company values freedom, adventure, and most importantly, the customer, branding itself as a unique RV group with a whole lot to offer. 

Introducing Haugen RV Group

Haugen RV Group isn’t your average RV dealership; it is a diverse collection of top-tier RV dealerships currently located in three different states: Utah, Oregon, and Missouri. Eight RV dealerships belong under the Haugen RV Group name. In Utah, there is the Legacy RV dealership in Salt Lake City and the Castle Country RV dealership in Logan and Helper. In Oregon, they have three Funtime RV dealership locations in Tualatin, Klamath Falls, and Sandy. Last but not least, in Missouri, there are two more Legacy RV dealerships, the Bonne Terre and Festus dealerships. 

Despite its start only four short years ago in 2018, the company already has nearly 200 employees, and that number is rising continuously. Instead of a mass market big RV brand, they are known to their customers as a family of RV dealerships that prioritizes the customer experience and relationships with employees, vendors, and manufacturers. 

If you are in the market for an RV, then the Haugen RV Group dealerships will be your best bet. They offer both new RVs and pre-owned ones. At their dealerships, you’ll find everything you need regarding RV sales, full servicing, and individual hard-to-find parts for RVs. The company also prides themselves on being able to accommodate any budget, family, and tow vehicle, so no matter what your current situation is, you can find the perfect RV match for you and your family with Haugen RV Group. 

Jason Haugen: CEO of Haugen RV Group 

Haugen RV Group
Haugen RV Group

As the CEO of the company, Jason Haugen has ensured his brand is 100% locally-owned, avoiding investors with large sums of money but no care for the customer and employee experience. At the Haugen RV Group dealerships, you won’t find any outside national owners, no matter how hard you look. Staying locally and family-owned is one of the company’s core values, so when you support them by buying an RV, you’re supporting a dream to keep America centered on the family structure. They have some of the best-rated RV dealerships in the entire nation, so you can rest assured that when you work with this RV company, you’re getting the best experience possible. 

What Makes Them Unique

As previously mentioned, Haugen RV Group isn’t your average RV dealership. When browsing or shopping at a dealership with the signature Haugen RV Group approval, you won’t feel pressured to buy like you might at another dealership. Instead, these dealerships operate under a low-pressure buying experience. In other words, their standard operating procedure is allowing potential customers freedom to browse, consider, and buy on their own timeline. While they allow you freedom, their employees still walk you through the dealership’s lot to help point you in the right direction and get you going where you need to find your perfect RV.

They understand the importance of the customer experience, so you’ll never feel pushed to make a purchase you are uncomfortable with. If you’ve ever dreaded going to a dealership because of pushy salesmen who don’t have your best interest in mind, then visiting a Haugen RV Group dealership will be like a breath of fresh air; you can look at all the RVs on your own watch without the pressure to buy. These dealerships are raising the standard exponentially regarding the customer buying experience. 

Another unique quality they embody is that they care about all the little details, especially when it comes to their relationships. We don’t just mean relationships with customers, but also every single other relationship they develop; this includes employees, vendors, manufacturers, partners, advertisers, you name it. Since the company is family-owned, they already have the core value of being relationship-driven, and this translates into their professional relationships with employees and other partners. 

Haugen RV Group employees aren’t treated like labor workers who are nothing more than a number. Instead, they are treated like family. The company attributes much of their success to their focus on developing healthy relationships with everyone associated with the brand; by going to their website or visiting their dealerships in person, anyone would clearly see how well this method has been working for them. 

Problems Haugen RV Group Seeks to Solve 

Haugen RV Group

As a company, they care about more than just selling the most RVs and making the highest revenue. Instead, they are full of passionate dreamers seeking to solve real-life problems within the realm of RV dealerships. The unfortunate truth is that most people who have gone shopping for a car, RV, or any other vehicle have experienced poor customer service at the hands of salesmen and dealerships claiming to have their best interest in mind. 

Maybe you, too, have gotten ripped off or have been pushed to buy a vehicle you weren’t fully convinced was right for you. Haugen RV Group recognizes that this is a major problem in RV sales and is seeking to completely change the system. Instead of meeting the bare minimum of decent customer service and salespeople with no ulterior motives, they have gone above and beyond in crafting the best, most seamless customer experience possible. By no means was this a feat that they accomplished by sitting everyone down and having a TED Talk on the importance of treating customers like valuable human beings; the core of the company’s values starts with their culture. 

You can’t influence how sales are made and customer service is done by making one or two small changes here and there, no matter how firmly you try to implement these changes. What really works is starting at the very foundation of the company, which is the company culture. Top-quality customer service isn’t just a module in the onboarding process; it is a core value that every leader and member of the organization live out. Low-pressure sales aren’t just a recommendation; it’s the norm that all employees naturally follow. Why is it that these things come naturally to the employees of the Haugen RV Group? It’s all because of company culture, which they have done an incredible job of crafting. 

The Growth of Haugen RV Group 

In recent years, the company has witnessed massive growth. Going from a small family business to an enterprise of eight successful RV dealerships in three different states within less than four years is unheard of, and yet they have achieved it. How have they managed to pull off such growth in the past four years, especially considering the obstacle of the pandemic that they faced only two years after starting the company? 

CEO Jason Haugen attributes their exponential growth to their company culture, as well as how they treat their customers, employees, vendors, and manufacturers. By prioritizing its relationships with manufacturers, the organization has placed itself in a position of trust and accountability; vendors and manufacturers can trust in the knowledge that they won’t be taken advantage of by this company, so they work their hardest to help them grow. 

What happens next is a domino effect. Because Haugen RV Group treats their manufacturers and employees well, the manufacturers contribute to the company’s growth, allowing them to serve more customers, all of whom are happy with their experience. Then, word-of-mouth does the rest. It’s no wonder the company has received the success it’s seen so far, and it looks like that success will continue to grow. 

Companies like this one are a rarity nowadays. This partially explains why customers go back to these dealerships time and time again for all their RV needs, but that’s not the only reason people love working with Haugen RV Group. The organization is undeniably genuine and values customer service unlike any other company does. The Haugen brand name is one to keep your eye out for over the upcoming years because as customer service becomes less of a priority to big name companies, it becomes more of a value to Haugen RV Group, setting them completely apart as a company with real people at its heart.

To learn more about Haugen RV Group and their eight RV dealerships across Utah, Oregon, and Missouri, visit or one of their RV dealerships today.

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