This got her into a little bit of trouble. After Charli XCX shared a funny behind the scenes look at a moment during the making of her “White Mercedes” music video on Twitter, fans were not completely pleased with what they saw and the singer was forced to respond to the controversy. In the clip, Charli, 27, was showing off her outfit in the video for a cameraman, when the seemingly burning car behind her made a popping noise as flames erupted from it. The singer made fun of her scared reaction on Twitter when she wrote, “Me: I’m fearless, I’m a bad bitch, don’t try me, I’ll fight you. 💅🏻,” and then, “Also me:” with the video below, but fans didn’t find the whole thing so funny.

“All that pollution, Charlie XCX canceled,” one fan wrote when they retweeted the singer’s post. “Pollution? I don’t know her,” another said. Someone else added, “Were the 200k views worth the air pollution?

That all prompted Charli to respond in a “Just so you know” long text post, “Hi guys. I’m seeing the comments about air pollution and the ‘White Mercedes’ music video. Just so everyone is aware, the black smoke and heavy fire is made by special effect liquid they use for cinema. The car itself was completely emptied of all its oil and toxic liquids. Even the white paint we put on the car was organic and made for easy removal. Just wanted to let you know.”

text block of charli xcx responding to fan pollution comments about her music video
Courtesy of Charli XCX/Twitter

For what it’s worth, fans — for the most part — seemed pleased by the “Boom Clap” performer’s explanation. One called her an “environmentally conscious queen” in response to her tweet, and another wrote, “Yasss queen of caring about the environment.” One fan replied, “You don’t have to apologize OMG” which made another follower reply, “She doesn’t HAVE to but she felt like it because I guess it was important for her to respect her fans’ feelings towards an important subject.”

Do you think Charli responded appropriately? Or do you think she should have been more conscious of how concerned viewers might be about the environmental effects of her latest project?

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