Following Chanel West Coast’s endless drama with her online trolls, the 31-year-old took to her Instagram Story to share her “8 Things to Quit in 2020.”

First and foremost, Chanel is aiming to stop “trying to please everyone.” The rest of her list consists of some solid New Year’s resolutions. In 2020, Chanel hopes to stop, “fearing change, living in the past, overthinking, being afraid to be different, sacrificing your happiness for others, thinking [you’re] not good enough” and, finally, “thinking you have no purpose.” Sounds like a strong list to us.

Chanel clearly is over her online drama and is hoping to turn over a new leaf. She admitted she doesn’t understand why she is bullied online, although she finds herself to be a very kind person.

Chanel West Coast

“I’m almost 1000 percent sure people literally lie on my name based on how people treat me sometimes,” the Ridiculousness star wrote on Monday, December 9. “I’m the nicest person around, the least of a ho, so generous and loving, so hardworking, yet I get these vibes like someone out there [is] s—tting on my name. I cannot figure it out. Hopefully people will try to get to know who I really am on their own.”

Does this mean Chanel is over calling out her haters on social media? Back in August, the blonde beauty took down a troll who poked fun at her iconic laugh. “Hot body, but I can hear the laugh through the picture,” the user wrote in Chanel’s comments, to which she replied, “Everyone loves the laugh. Only mean and miserable people dislike it lol.”

This year, Chanel is probably looking forward to kicking her feet up and relaxing — far from any drama. When the rapper isn’t out on her game, she loves a night in, she told In Touch exclusively. She said she “lives” in her PJs and loves to binge a good show while snacking on some freezer pizza. Will there be less clapbacks from Chanel in the new year? Probably not!

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