Carol Burnett’s estranged daughter, Erin Hamilton, saw her son Dylan for the first time in nearly a year — after a judge suspended her visitation with the teen — and In Touch has exclusive photos of the reunion.

Erin exclusively tells In Touch she had lunch with Dylan over the weekend— who graduated from high school on Friday.

In August 2023, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge cut Erin’s ability to contact Dylan after she was accused of violating a court order.

Carol, 91, filed to be named co guardian of Dylan in 2020 with her husband, Brian Miller. She claimed Erin was not a fit parent due to her addiction issues.

Carol Burnett s Estranged Daughter Reunited With Son After X Months
Courtesy of Erin Hamilton

“In the past 19 years, Erin has been in and out of rehabilitation centers and has been institutionalized a total of eight times for a minimum of 30 days each time,” the entertainer’s petition revealed. The court signed off on Carol and Brian’s petition. The duo then appointed a third party named Jodi Montgomery, who worked on Britney Spears’ conservatorship, to take over as guardian.

As part of the guardianship, Erin was allowed visitations with her son. Last year, the court-appointed lawyer for Dylan accused Erin of breaking the rules by “accidently” running into Dylan while he was out with his father. The lawyer asked the judge to suspend Erin’s visitation due to her “erratic and unpredictable conduct.”

The judge signed off on the request and set a hearing for early 2024 for Erin to make her case for visitation to be reinstated. The hearing was then postponed till September. Following the postponement, Erin’s lawyer pleaded for the matter to be heard immediately and not months down the road. Carol’s daughter said she was sober and desperately wanted to see her son before he left California for college on the east coast. She asked for permission to attend his graduation.

“I am hardly a danger to my child. I have been drug/alcohol tested consistently since moving back from Hawaii and I work with people in treatment and I must remain completely sober in order to keep my job. I love my job and I love being sober,” she said.

“I miss my son terribly, and I feel that this is a punitive situation brought on by people trying to keep me away from my son until he moves out of state. There has been no attempt from my family members involved in this court case to get to know who I am today. I am not the same person that I was,” she added.

Carol Burnett s Estranged Daughter Reunited With Son After X Months
Courtesy of Erin Hamilton

Erin added, “I have a sponsor in AA and I also sponsor three women. I am an active member in this 12-step program and I take my sobriety seriously.”

Despite her emotional plea, the judge shut down Erin’s request to attend Dylan’s graduation. However, as In Touch first reported, weeks later, Dylan’s guardian Jodi agreed to allow Erin a 1-hour lunch date with Dylan following his graduation.

“If all goes well with the visitation then, in the Guardian’s sole and absolute discretion after consulting with [Dylan], [Dylan’s] counsel, the monitor, among others if needed, further visitations can be scheduled before [Dylan] leaves California for college,” Jodi said in her filing.

No decision has been made on Erin’s visitation being fully reinstated.

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