Free Gypsy Rose Blanchard! As viewers of the Hulu show The Act learn more about what happened to the now-27-year-old — as well as the real story behind the show — they’re joining Gypsy’s family in rallying to get her released early from her 10-year prison sentence. And now, fans are calling on a surprising potential ally to help: Kim Kardashian. In the past, the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star has become an activist and advocate for prison reform, aiding in the early release of Alice Marie Johnson and clemency for Cyntoia Brown. Now that she’s taking things one step further and studying the law, fans think her next project should be working on Gypsy’s behalf.

“Free my girl Gypsy Rose,” wrote one Twitter user on April 23. “@KimKardashian please get on this case, sis. It’s a crime for this girl to be locked up when she was abused her whole life.” Another agreed, “If anyone can free Gypsy Rose, it’s Kim Kardashian.” Back when the reality star first revealed that she had registered with the California state bar on April 15, it ignited a whole flurry of requests for her help on the case. One viral tweet on the topic even racked up almost 80,000 likes and 13,000 retweets. “FREE GYPSY ROSE,” wrote YouTuber Quenlin Blackwell after quote tweeting Kim’s post.

Though Kim is still just studying the law, her advocacy could go a long way in getting signatures for the petition Gypsy’s father started. “Gypsy was forced all her life to fake a long list of ailments and illnesses including leukemia, vision and hearing impairment, sleep apnea, retardation, muscular dystrophy, and a chromosome disorder and digestive disorders,” Rod wrote on “Gypsy recalls and acknowledges what she did was wrong and without hesitation admits now, that 10 years in prison is better than 10 years living under her mother’s abuse. … [But] how is [her crime] any different than a wife snapping and killing her abusive husband? Why? Because she planned it? She believed this was her only escape.”

While speaking exclusively with In Touch, Gypsy’s step-mom, Kristy Blanchard, and family friend/By Proxy writer, Fancy Macelli, affirmed that they believe Gypsy should be released. Even Gypsy herself has asked fans for their support in an email exclusively shared by In Touch. “There is not any other case quite like this. There is not any other precedent set for this. So it’s not that [the family doesn’t] think that she should’ve done some time or any of those things. But at this point, you’re punishing a person who has spent her entire life being punished,” said Fancy. “Gypsy’s not a threat to society.”

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