The Teen Mom reunions are always packed full of drama, but on the most recent show, Brittany DeJesus seriously popped off. So much so that she was getting a lot of criticism on social media for the way she jumped in to defend her sister Briana DeJesus. Now, she’s taking to social media — and this time she’s defending her own actions, because yeah, she’s not at all sorry about the way that things went down. 

The reality star started off by sharing a tweet a fan had sent her that said, “When you said ‘when I see my sister—nobody else matters’…that was the best thing I’ve ever heard on the show.” Brittany appreciated the message, but she wasn’t going to let that speak for itself either. She also wanted to get her own words on the record. “Your sibling should be your absolute best friend,” she wrote in the Instagram caption. “My sister and I may not always see eye to eye or get along 24/7… but at the end of the day she’s my ride or die forever and always. Some of you viewers of the show don’t know what that means and I’m sorry for that.”

Though you may not agree with her methods, you gotta admit that it’s pretty heartwarming to see sisters who stan each other and stand up for each other — especially when they can also call each other out. Brittany stood up for Bri, but she also called her out over all the Javi and Kail drama. “You shouldn’t be fighting with no girl over no guy,” Brittany said. “Is it f–king worth it? Because he isn’t.” Ouch.

Still, some fans thought she was doing a little too much. “Girl bye let her defend herself,” commented one viewer. Another added, “U are not always going to be there she needs to learn to fight her own battles!!!” A third agreed with Brittany, though. “Yes absolutely!!” they commented. “My sibling in a fight and I’m in a fight there’s no other way around it!” While we’re fully here for the sisterly love, we agree with the fans who think that everyone should keep their hands to themselves next time around.

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