In July 2023, an episode of Bobbi Althoff’s “The Really Good Podcast” series featuring rapper Drake went viral on social media. However, after clips of the episode earned millions of views on TikTok, all traces of it mysteriously disappeared from Bobbi’s account on the platform, as well as YouTube and Spotify, on August 14. Additionally, Bobbi and Drake appear to have unfollowed each other on Instagram. Many confused fans are now wondering what caused the rumored drama between them.

Who Is Bobbi Althoff?

Bobbi is a 26-year-old internet personality and comedian who gained most of her fame via TikTok. She started out on the platform sharing videos about being a mother to her two daughters, whom she shares with husband Cory Althoff. However, in April 2023, Bobbi rebranded to podcasting with her dry sense of humor. 

On “The Really Good Podcast,” she interviews celebrities and “asks the questions that no one wants to know the answers to,” according to her YouTube bio — which often creates awkward situations. In the past, she has interviewed Rick Glassman, Funny Marco, Colleen Ballinger, Tyga and Lil Yachty. Bobbi told Cosmopolitan that when she first started the podcast, she offered $300 to anyone who could put her in connection with celebrities to be on an episode. When it took off, other famous faces started to take an interest. 

“There’s no prep, and that’s the fun of it,” she said. “I think that’s why celebrities are down to do it. They know it’s a character, and we just wing it. It’s not a real interview. I’m not trying to get hard-hitting information about you — I’m not trying to uncover anything. It’s just a conversation. It’s really a parody of a good interview.”

How Did Bobbi Althoff and Drake Meet?

Bobbi’s friendship with Drake began with the podcast. The rapper liked one of her videos and followed her on Instagram, which gave Bobbi the courage to DM him and ask if he would join the podcast. Within two days, she and a friend were on their way to Memphis to record an episode with Drake.

The unusual podcast episode featured Drake and Bobbi lounging in a bed together underneath the covers with a drink in Drake’s hand. As always, Bobbi remained deadpan in her interview and didn’t show much excitement for the celebrity. Still, they poked fun at each other throughout the episode, and Drake seemed to be having a good time. 

Days after the episode dropped, on August 12, Bobbi attended one of Drake’s concerts. She shared a video “in character” at the event, keeping her arms crossed with a bored expression as others around her danced and jumped. “Really in my element here @ this guys concert,” the caption read. Then, it seemed the drama began.

What Happened Between Bobbi Althoff and Drake?

Much to the dismay of fans, Bobbi quickly erased most of the podcast from all platforms following the Drake concert (some clips are still available on YouTube Shorts). People also noticed the podcaster and rapper unfollowed each other. 

While it’s still not completely clear what happened to cause this, Bobbi’s fans have speculated that it could be a publicity stunt for something coming soon. After the unfollowing occurred, Bobbi took to Instagram Stories to tease a “big announcement coming next Monday.” 

“Set a reminder because you guys will not want to miss this,” she added. “Nine in the morning, someone’s time zone.”

Bobbi Denies Rumors She and Drake Hooked Up

Many fans speculated that Bobbi and Drake began a romantic fling after the podcast episode which ultimately led to their alleged feud. While Bobbi has not specified what caused her to delete the episode and unfollow Drake, she did deny hooking up with him.

On August 16, Bobbi took to her Instagram Stories with an “uncensored DM” conversation she had with Dave Portnoy, the founder of Barstool Sports. Dave wrote, “My girlfriend says you hooked up with Drake and got divorced. I am saying that is not true.”

Bobbi responded, “I am not commenting publicly but off the record, you’re right that is not true.”

Though Bobbi denied the rumors, a TikTok user by the name of @the_official_megs claimed that Drake “legally screwed” Bobbi and got the interview pulled due to Tyga‘s song “Rack City” being played in the final cut.

Neither Drake nor Bobbi’s reps immediately responded to In Touch‘s request for comment.

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