The bitter feud that has haunted Real Housewives of New York City’s Bethenny Frankel and stepfather John Parisella on and off for decades has exploded again, In Touch is reporting.
In a series of texts, the two went from exchanging pleasantries to tearing each other apart in just a matter of days.

It all started in July, John reached out to Bethenny to tell her his daughter, Gabby, was engaged. Bethenny later wrote back with a nostalgia-tinged message, explaining she’d thought of John after visiting a Nathan’s hot dog stand in Brooklyn’s Coney Island, a place he used to take her as a child.

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John continued to text her — and everything exploded in August. “In my prior texts, I asked Bethenny if she wants to go to Gabby’s wedding and said, ‘Let me know if you don’t so this way she (Gabby) won’t be embarrassed by sending you an invitation,’” John tells In Touch.

John exerted pressure about the wedding and seemed to try to guilt her into a reply. “Enough. You are beyond negative and I will not tolerate it. I do not know Gabby. I barely know you now,” she finally wrote back in the texts. “Stop this. I have had enough abuse.”

“You physically attacked me. Verbally abused me. Beat my mother senseless. Did drugs. Gambled,” she continued before warning him, “Stop your bulls—. I have had it.” Bethenny has previously accused her stepfather, who married her mother Bernadette, when Bethenny was five, of attacking her when she was 19 and beating her mother with a telephone as she watched.


John explains, “There were a few occasions, over the space of a year or two, when I slapped or pushed Bernadette. But I never punched Bernadette. This happened when I was taking cocaine and Bethenny was young. I regret it terribly. I also want to make it clear that I have never laid a finger on Bethenny in my entire life. That is what is so hurtful in Bethenny’s accusations.”

Bethenny has made it clear to John he’s no longer welcome in her life. “Leave me alone,” she wrote to him. “Now and forever.”

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