So heartbreaking. Just one day after former Dog The Bounty Hunter star Beth Chapman was hospitalized and had to undergo emergency surgery, she learned that her throat cancer had returned. Now, her husband Duane “Dog” Chapman, is opening up about his wife’s condition and he revealed that Beth is undergoing her second surgery in two days in order to do more cancer testing on her lungs.

“They cut a hole in her throat so she can breathe,” Dog, 65, told Radar. “She can still talk, so she’s doing the best she can and remains incredibly strong.”

dog the bounty hunter beth
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Dog went on to reveal that during Beth’s first surgery on Nov. 27, doctors found a lump in her throat that was twice the size as the lump they removed from her throat last year. During that surgery, doctors found something in Beth’s lungs that could also be cancerous, so they performed another surgery so that they could do a second biopsy on her lungs.

The news is completely devastating, especially since Beth was told she was cancer-free after last year’s cancer battle. Dog and Beth, 51, documented her first cancer battle on their A&E TV special Dog and Beth: Fight of Their Lives last November. Throughout her cancer battle and in the months after her recovery, Beth remained positive and hopeful and she definitely did not take her second chance at life for granted. Back in January, Beth even reflected on her cancer journey and she proudly showed off her “battle scars” from her previous surgery on Instagram.

“Prior to my surgery, I had no lines no wrinkles a perfect neck if you will. It has been very hard to look at this in the mirror, it serves as a constant reminder of something I’d love to forget,” Beth wrote on Instagram. “However some life lessons you should never forget only learn from them and learn to embrace them so today I reveal my worst battle scar and know that things will get better in #2018 #secondchances #DogandBeth #battlescars.”

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