In her new book, Unqualified, Anna Faris has revealed that she knew she wanted to be with Chris Pratt while she was still married to her first husband, Ben Indra, but was always conflicted about ending the marriage.

She told Ben that she was leaving him after two and a half years of marriage over the phone, which we have to admit is a pretty lousy move. Sorry, Anna, we love, but everyone knows that a phone call breakup is only second to a “Dear John” text message.

The world was shocked in August when Anna and Chris announced they were splitting up after eight years of marriage. The couple, thought to be one of Hollywood’s strongest first met in 2007 while filming Take Me Home Tonight. In her autobiography, Anna says the pair developed a close friendship while filming.

It was Topher Grace, of That 70’s Show fame, who originally made her question her first marriage after socializing with Anna’s husband one evening. “I don’t know what exactly went down, but the next evening I was talking with [Topher], who played my brother in the film,” she explains in her book. “Anna, what the f–k are you doing with that guy?” She says Topher asked her. It was also about this time that she knew she could not ignore her feelings for Chris, which left her feeling like a “villain.”

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Speaking of breaking up with her first husband on the phone, Anna says: “On the phone, I had to repeat myself a number of times before he took me at my word. ‘You’re just tired; you’re really tired,’ he responded at first. “I just said: ‘Nope, I’m leaving you.’ And that was that.”

Anna says she still carries feelings of guilt around about the relationship to this day, though maintains she never cheated on her then-husband with Chris, even though she wanted to. “I wanted to. Desperately. And I had feelings for him obviously even if I wasn’t honest with myself about what those were,” she writes. Chris and Anna are working on co-parenting their son, Jack.

This article was written by Holly Royce and originally appeared on our sister site, Now to Love.

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