“I don’t enjoy being single.” That’s what the usually super private and tight lipped Angelina Jolie shockingly confessed in a recent interview, despite the fact that she chose to be single again when she blindsided Brad Pitt in September 2016 and filed for divorce. “It’s not something I wanted,” she went on. “There’s nothing nice about it. It’s just hard.”

Her single days are over. Angelina has found love and is a bride for the fourth time. “She is getting married again,” a source confirms to In Touch exclusively. That will surely come as a surprise to many because the globetrotting Oscar winner and mom to Maddox, 16, Pax, 13, Zahara, 12, Shiloh, 11, and nine-year-old twins Vivienne and Knox has managed to keep the relationship under wraps for several months. “She’s been serious with a wealthy 40-something British philanthropist and businessman since early this year. She’s kept him hidden. It’s very hush-hush.” And that’s just the way she wants it. Still angry with Brad over the messy way their union ended — Angelina left the World War Z star after he allegedly got drunk on a private jet and became physical with son Maddox last September — she’s hoping to blindside him again, this time with the news of her wedding. “If it makes Brad unhappy when he finds out,” says the source, “she’s fine with that It’s another way of sticking it to Brad.”

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Since the bitter split last year, it seems Angelina has been on a mission to make Brad su er. She kept Brad from see- ing their kids for weeks at a time after the divorce. She made at least one last-minute change to his visitation schedule during a holiday period. And she trashed him in several interviews. Brad was already reeling because after the plane incident someone made an anonymous call to LA’s Department of Children and Family Services, prompting an investigation into Brad, 53, by DCFS and the FBI (both later closed the case without finding evidence of wrong doing). Now comes Angie’s secret wedding. “She knows that if he finds out after the fact it will hurt him,” says the source, “especially with the kids involved in the ceremony.”

The tactic is an about-face from her former plan to drag out the divorce as long as possible. As In Touch previously reported, Brad sought to have a bifurcated divorce in September. The legal maneuver, which would have to be approved by a judge, would allow both Brad and Angelina, 42, to become legally single while they still hashed out their divorce details such as alimony. “Brad has been trying to fast-track the divorce for some time. He’s wanted to move on with his life ever since he got sober and turned his life around with therapy,” says the source. “But Angelina fought the speeding up of the divorce. She wanted to spite him and continue to control everything even though she’s the one who pulled the plug on the marriage.”

But now she’s been more amenable to Brad’s request. “Angelina’s suddenly become very cooperative with Brad about divorcing, but she’s not telling him why,” says the source. “She’s decided to let the divorce go through so she can secretly wed ASAP.”

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Angelina has roughly mapped out all of the “I do” details. For the location, she wants to wed on a wildlife preserve in Cambodia, the country where she adopted Maddox, filmed movies like Tomb Raider and First They Killed My Father and owns a house. “It’s near and dear to her heart,” says the source. “She constantly refers to it as her second home.” Because she’s dabbled in Buddhism, she wants to add some elements from that religion into her ceremony.

The children will also play prominent roles, just like they did three years ago when she married Brad at their home, Château Miraval, in France. “Angie’s thinking of having Shiloh, Zahara and Vivienne as bridesmaids and Maddox as the groom’s best man since Maddox sort of feels he’s the man of the family now,” says the source. “Knox will assume ring-bearer duties, like he did for Angelina and Brad’s wedding, and Pax will be responsible for providing the recorded music and baking the cake for the reception.” (He was pastry chef for his parents’ celebration, too.)

One thing Angelina won’t repeat: a white wedding gown. (She wore Atelier Versace decorated with her kids’ artwork when she walked down the aisle with Brad.) “Angie’s considering wearing traditional Cambodian garb,” says the source, who adds that the food will also be indigenous. Think: fish and beef curries, green mango salad, barbecue pork and rice, fried bananas, Lort Cha (a noodle dish) and pumpkin custard.

She won’t have to order too much. Angelina is keeping the guest list small and exclusive. “She only wants her nearest and dearest in Cambodia for the wedding,” says the source. That includes brother James Haven; dad Jon Voight, whom she’s become close again with recently; best pal Loung Ung; and her assistant, Holly Goline. “It will be a small family-and-friends wedding.”
And she wants it to catch Brad completely by surprise. “She’s marrying for love,” says the source, “but she also knows there’s the added benefit that it might make Brad unhappy. It’s been more than a year since she blindsided him with the divorce, and she’s is still trying to hurt him.”

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