Does Amanda Knox have a different definition of comfy clothes than we do? On Sunday, January 19, the true crime podcast host revealed that she was lounging around in sweatpants and a sweatshirt while working on her wedding to-do list. It wasn’t just any old ratty outfit, though — it was the “very same” set of clothing she’d worn behind bars while serving time in Italy.

“40 days left until the wedding, and 267 tasks left on the wedding to-do list,” Amanda, 32, captioned a selfie she shared on Instagram as she flexed one bicep. “I’ve locked myself in the craft room, and I’m wearing my old prison uniform. Literally the very same sweatshirt and sweatpants I lived in in Casa Circondariale Capanne, Perugia.”

Despite the fact that her guilty verdict was overturned more than eight years ago, the one-time convicted killer didn’t seem to have any issue slipping back into the sweats. Though her fans couldn’t relate, they commended her on her strength. “I think I would have burned it, but what courage it takes for you to put it back on,” one wrote with a heart emoji. “I am glad you are wearing them free now and with joy, love and blessings coming your way,” added another. A third chimed in, “You’ve come a long-ass way since that uniform. I’m so effing glad you got your life back.”

We’ve gotta say, though, Amanda’s outfit does look pretty cozy regardless of whatever bad memories it may carry. Over the past year, the true crime figure has also made a point of facing her demons head-on. In June 2019, she even returned to Italy for the first time since her murder conviction so that she could speak at the Criminal Justice Festival. In October 2019, she opened up about what that experience was like and how it feels to become famous the way that she did.

“I wonder if people would care about my experience beyond whether they think I’m guilty or innocent. … It’s hard to trust,” she told NBC News. “I’m a real human being too, and I’m trying to do the best I can with what life has given me. … I don’t think I’m the most resilient person in the world. I just know that I take it day by day … Some days are really hard and some moments are really hard. … I break my own heart every time I access what happened to me.”

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