She’ll be sharing her story. Amanda Knox has decided to return to Italy for the first time since leaving prison and there is an important reason behind her visit. Four years after having her murder conviction overturned, she is set to speak at the Criminal Justice Festival in Modena.

Amanda, 31, shared a photo of herself via Instagram on June 9, revealing that she’s only three days away from her trip. “Feeling frayed, so I made my own inspirational workplace poster. ‘Hang in there!” Just imagine I’m a kitten,” the former University of Washington student captioned her post tagged at Rattlesnake Ledge. As expected, several of her followers had questions about her return.

Amanda Knox Return Italy First Time Wrongful Conviction
Courtesy of Amanda Knox/Instagram

“I think you are taking a huge risk going back. I hope you have thoroughly discussed this with your attorneys,” one wrote in the comments, and Amanda assured him that she has. Another addressed how she deserves more than $20,000 compensation for her wrongful conviction.

As we previously reported, the European Human Rights Court ruled in January 2019 that she was owed $20,000 in damages, legal fees, and to cover other expenses. However, Amanda says that is still up in the air. “We’ll see if I ever actually receive any compensation,” she wrote in response.

Amanda was studying abroad in Perugia in 2007 when she was accused of killing her roommate, 21-year-old Meredith. She was sentenced to 26 years in prison and in 2015, she was acquitted after spending four years of her life behind bars. The man later found responsible for the crime was Rudy Guede, and he’s currently serving a 16-year prison sentence.

After the traumatic experience, Amanda has turned her life around. She has been serving as a host for The Truth About True Crime and The Scarlet Letter Reports. On top of that, Amanda announced that she got engaged to her longtime boyfriend, Christopher Robinson, back in November 2018.

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