For Sara Evans, 2020 is her year. This month, she’s releasing her first album in almost three years, Copy That, covering 13 classic songs, followed by an intimate memoir, Born to Fly, due out in September. While Evans is charging full speed ahead with her professional life, she credits her three kids and her adoring husband — along with a healthy dose of self-care! — with helping her keep everything in balance.

Doing What She Loves

While Sara Evans’ successful career as a soulful singer-songwriter spans more than two decades, her latest album, Copy That, is something slightly different — but equally exciting. For her ninth studio album, Evans serves up an eclectic and iconic mix of the songs that have shaped her career, from “If I Can’t Have You” to “Come On Eileen,” all sure to please fans both new and old. “I’ve always put cover songs on my records just because I think they’re so fun,” says Evans. “My fans have been asking for a cover record for years, and now just seemed like the right time.”

Sara Evans

Keeping It All In The Family

Balancing a busy career and quality time with family can be difficult — especially when you’re living your life in the spotlight. Luckily, Sara Evans has found a way to combine both. Putting together her newest album, Copy That, quickly became a family affair when daughters Olivia and Audrey added some vocals. “It was so fun, I can’t even describe it,” says Evans, who considers her girls her best friends. This isn’t the first time the singer’s blended career and family: In 2019, she recorded her album The Barker Family Band with Olivia and her oldest son, Avery — and even went on tour with them. Talk about #MomGoals!

Sara Evans

Quality Me-Time

While she may make it look effortless, combining a high-profile career and a family is no easy feat for Sara Evans, who credits much of her success to quality me-time and self-care. One thing Evans — who knows the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle — makes sure to incorporate into her daily lifestyle is Hemp Hydrate. The brand’s water provides excellent hydration and is a natural source of relief. And, after years of performing on stage in high heels, as well as recovering from a major car accident at age 8, Evans counts on Hemp Hydrate’s Roll-On to help relax her back and, ultimately, keep her going strong.

HEMP Hydrate

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