Vaping has exploded in popularity in recent years, particularly with delta-8 THC oil cartridges. Consumer demand is increasing, and technological advances appear to be occurring at an increasing rate.

In the years to come, the vast world of vape pens and cartridges will only expand. Oil cartridges are ideal for anyone in search of discreet and rapid relief because of the concentrated cannabis content and absorption manner.

Innovative cartridges and brands are becoming more popular in major and emerging countries. So, we have listed the top delta-8 THC cartridges below. We will go over each brand in detail so you can figure out which one is the best fit for you.

Top 5 Best Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridge Brands in the Market:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Highest-Quality, Strongest Overall & Editor’s Pick
  2. BudPop – Most Potent
  3. Delta EFFEX – Best Value
  4. Diamond CBD – Best CBD & Delta-8 Mix
  5. 3Chi – Most Popular

What Are Delta-8 THC Cartridges?

Delta-8 THC vape cartridges, often known as carts, are disposable vape accessories that contain high-THC cannabis oil. The majority of delta-8 THC vape cartridges are 510 threaded, which means they fit on and into 510-threaded vape batteries.

Delta-8 THC vape cartridges typically contain a plastic or ceramic tip with a small glass chamber that carries 0.3g to 1.0g of pure cannabis oil. The cannabis oil is then poured into a “wick” that connects to a heating element inside the cartridge.

The cannabis oil is vaporized when you inhale or push the power button on the vaporizer when the cartridge is attached to a charged battery.

Types of Cartridges

You must first understand the different types of cartridges before purchasing one. Here is a simple guide to understanding how these two vary from each other

  • Pre-filled Delta-8 THC Cartridges

As the name implies, these pre-filled cartridges already contain delta-8 THC. If you want to start vaping right away, this is the finest option.

You can put it in your vape pen and give it a test run at the store. While these are convenient for immediate use, they are not as cost-effective. Refilling them is costly because THC oil is pricey in small batches.

To save money upfront, you can get an empty variant. These work in the same way, except for the first time, they do not arrive with any cannabis oil inside.

  • Closed System Cartridges

These types of cartridges are a good option if you do not want to make a long-term commitment to vaping. These cartridges are only good for one-time use and do not allow for refilling.

As a result, they are even less cost-effective than the first alternative. You can, however, utilize them straight away after purchasing them. You do not need to do anything special to take a puff from these.

It is a terrific option for individuals who want to feel the effects of THC right away.

Best Pre-Filled Delta-8 THC Vape Carts of 2021 [Reviews]

 #1. Exhale Wellness – Highest-Quality & Top Rated

Blue Ribbon Group

Brand Overview

Exhale Wellness, a top-rated firm formed by Los Angeles cannabis aficionados, has been gaining a lot of popularity with their delta-8 THC products, which are currently in great demand. Gummies, tinctures, and vape cartridges are among the delta-8 THC items provided by this brand.

When it comes to vape cartridges, Exhale Wellness strives to provide a sensation of concentration and productivity.

The hemp and CBD, which are present in the hemp plant, are used to make their products. Regardless of the different advances launched into the hemp and CBD industries, Exhale Wellness has kept its focus on the product’s purity, quality, and safety for its users. 

It made our list since it has been lab-tested and contains between 70% and 80% delta-8 THC. This cartridge is ideal for those on a tight budget. 

These delta-8 THC carts have undergone extensive testing by respected third-party labs to ensure they are free of heavy metals, chemical residues, and other dangerous contaminants. Furthermore, Exhale Wellness publishes Certificates of Analysis on their website to demonstrate the accuracy of their testing results.

Because of the high quality of its products, this brand has been highlighted in Forbes, the Los Angeles Times, and many other publications. Vape carts from Exhale are the greatest way to enjoy delta-8 THC with friends on the go.

Their carts are made without MCT, PG, VG, or PEG oil. Each delta-8 THC oil cartridge has 900mg of delta-8 THC and is flavored naturally. 


  • Wide range of products to choose from
  • Provides unrivaled, high-quality customer service
  • All customers are eligible for free shipping
  • Only high-quality ingredients and production procedures are used
  • Made using a safe CO2 extraction technique, making it smooth and potent
  • Contains 900mg of delta-8 THC
  • Organic and non-GMO
  • No thinning agents, such as PEG, VG, or MCT oil
  • Broad-spectrum hemp extract used
  • Third-party laboratory tested
  • Several favorable user reviews, indicating that buyers are happy with their purchase


  • Does not ship in every state
  • Only available online 

Strains and Flavors

The following are some of the famous strain flavors the brand has released: Gorilla Glue, Cactus Cooler, Jack Herer, and Sour Diesel.

Customer Reviews

Users who tried Exhalewell’s delta-8 THC carts were pleased with the high quality of the products and were instant fans. Users have also compared the product’s cost-effectiveness to that of other similar sources they utilize for relaxation and exhilaration.

If you are familiar with the effects of dispensary cartridges but want something more, look into more potent choices. Exhale, on the other hand, is a terrific option for a smoother, lighter, and more flavorful experience.

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#2. BudPop – Most Potent & Strongest

Blue Ribbon Group

Brand Overview

BudPop is another well-known delta-8 THC brand that sells high-quality candies, tinctures, and vape cartridges. BudPop’s creators have over 30 years of expertise in developing hemp-based goods.

The creators’ experience assures their delta-8 carts are among the highest-quality goods available. To offer the best product that would not disappoint their consumers, they source the best delta-8 THC distillate and combine it with the cleanest terpenes.

These cartridges have an advantage over their competition because they are made entirely of natural ingredients. Those who vape on a regular basis would like these cartridges.

They also focus on manufacturing quality products and presenting them to their customers in such a way that they are compelled to try them. The team is committed to offering chemical-free products to its customers. 

Third-party lab testing demonstrates its quality transparency. Using the CBD distillation CO2 extraction approach, they ensure no solvents from the extraction process contaminate the end product. 


  • 800mg of delta-8 THC per cartridge, available in one, three, and five-packs
  • Natural flavorings and terpenes from plants are used
  • No thinning agents, such as MCT oil, are used
  • Cartridge composed of stainless steel and food-grade silicone and is extremely durable
  • Ceramic heater used created exclusively for hemp
  • No CBD or delta-9 THC
  • Customers are pleased with the product, and it has received high ratings on the internet


  • No option for free shipping
  • Does not ship internationally

Strains and Flavors

Some of BudPop’s famous strains and flavors include: Grape Runtz and Strawberry Gelato.

Customer Reviews

Users who prefer a light flavor and scent really enjoy these delta-8 carts. Customers seem to like the pleasant high they provide. Customers also think the compatible vape tanks are good value for money.

The majority of user comments have been positive. With the various flavors available, the delta-8 THC vape cartridge gets users high while also offering a soothing and relaxing effect.

Because of its varied sizes and strains, the majority of customers said the product is highly effective and convenient to use. 

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#3. Delta EFFEX – Good Customer Support

Blue Ribbon Group

Brand Overview

Savage Enterprises owns the Delta EFFEX brand, which is dedicated to quality in delta-8 THC products. Delta EFFEX’s products are all made from CBD, a cannabinoid found in hemp plants. 

The process of converting CBD into delta-8 THC is what makes the product legal on the federal level. As the company continues to innovate and grow its delta-8 product line, quality, safety, and purity are the cornerstones of the products.

Delta-8 is a buttery smooth blend of distillates and pure terpenes from Delta EFFEX. Terpenes are aromatic oils that are used to impart flavor, fragrance, and various sensations. Approximately 500 puffs are provided by each one-gram cartridge. 

It also has 20mg of full-spectrum hemp extract and less than 0.3% delta-9 THC. This is significant because, according to the 2018 Farm Bill, any vape oil with higher than 0.3% delta-9 THC is prohibited.

These THC cartridges are small enough to fit in your pocket and are quite light. Clear glass is used for the primary chassis. This makes it simple to determine how much oil is left in the atomizer. It is also fairly robust and long-lasting. 


  • Simple to use, transport, and dispose of
  • Third-party lab evaluates the products
  • Plant-based and natural ingredients
  • Provide a wide variety of flavors
  • Secure ordering and packing are available
  • Available in single or ten-pack quantities, enabling bulk buying
  • All extracts are checked in the lab for any potentially hazardous chemicals


  • More expensive than other brands
  • Does not ship internationally

Strains and Flavors

Delta EFFEX features four unique fruit flavors inspired by famous hemp varieties, including Banana Candy, Grand Daddy Purple, Strawberry Cough, and Cali Orange Kush.

Customer Reviews

These Delta EFFEX vape carts received good reviews from the majority of buyers. Most of the reviews and comments were about how intense the products were in generating a high.

Some users have also given the goods high ratings for their smoothness. Many of the statements and reviews questioned the product’s ability to provide a high level of service.

When it comes to effectiveness, the products have received good reviews for their ability to help with issues like anxiety and insomnia.

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#4. Diamond CBD (Chill Plus) – Best CBD & Delta-8 Mix

Blue Ribbon Group

Brand Overview

Diamond CBD is the place to go if you need a lot of options. For your convenience, they have four pages of things to choose from, including liquids and additions.

Diamond CBD has a long and illustrious history in the CBD industry. They only provide their high-quality items and have established themselves in the delta-8 THC market.

From Pineapple Express to Sour Diesel, this company has the most carts we have ever seen. At 900mg each, they are highly strong. 

This company, on the other hand, solely publishes the cannabinoid profile lab findings. This means they only test for potency, and no further reports have been submitted that test for terpenes or dangerous chemical levels. 

All of the goods are organically-sourced, lab-tested, and CO2-extracted, ensuring no residual solvents are present. The products also have a delta-9 THC content of less than 0.3%, making them both safe and legal.

The cartridges contain exactly the proper amount of high, allowing you to feel as if you are floating in the clouds without hallucinating or becoming paranoid, as is the case with delta-9 THC.

The carts are created from Sativa and Indica strains, and because of delta-8’s ability to mimic the flavors of popular cannabis strains, both product lines offer 11 varieties to try. These are packed with natural hemp-derived terpenes, other extracts, and various THC combinations. 

Diamond CBD’s goal is to keep as many therapeutic cannabinoids, terpenes, and other cannabis ingredients as possible. To assure high-quality CBD, the company meticulously picks and harvests its hemp plants.


  • Organic and sustainable
  • 11 flavors to choose from
  • Third-party labs tests all items for potency and purity
  • Excellent value for money
  • 900mg of concentrated and pure delta-8 THC
  • Long-lasting pleasurable sensation
  • Customers can count on the brand to be open and honest with them, assuring them of their safety and reliability
  • Environmentally safe growing methods for products


  • Carts are only suitable for usage in low-heat situations
  • No mention of all ingredients used
  • For some people, a large range of flavors can be overwhelming

Strains and Flavors

Diamond CBD offers delta-8 carts in a few flavors/strains. These include Blue Dream, Sour Diesel, Skywalker OG, and Zkittles.

Customer Reviews 

Diamond CBD’s delta-8 THC cartridges and vape pens come in a variety of flavors, which customers adore. For those who want pure CBD, the brand also has a large assortment of CBD products.

Diamond CBD also boasts one of the best customer service departments. If you have any questions about the product, you may contact them via their website’s live chat option. Users also appreciate the money-back promise.

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#5. 3Chi – Most Popular

Blue Ribbon Group

Brand Overview

In the delta-8 THC industry, 3Chi is a pioneer. They have had a lot of time to ponder on their products and customer service because they were one of the first. 

In their standard delta-8 THC cartridges, 3Chi provides roughly 51 different strains to pick from. This company uses cannabis-derived or botanical-derived terpenes, depending on the strain. You have the option of choosing between 1000mg and 500mg.

All of their lab results are available on their website under a different tab. Potency, residual solvents, terpenes, microbials, mycotoxins, and heavy metals are all tested. They do, however, need to update all of their laboratory testing to be more modern. 

The brand’s mission is to produce high-quality cannabis products that promote wellness and wellbeing. After all, according to one study, cannabis may have some medical benefits. The extracts used in the products have been potency tested and are pure and concentrated.

Each of the company’s vape carts has a ceramic core and is housed in a CCELL glass body. It comes in two sizes, 0.5mL and 1mL, and it contains over 95% pure delta-8 THC extracts. The 1mL version has 950mg of THC, while the 0.5mL form contains 475mg.

Apart from THC, the terpenes generated from cannabis and botanical terpenes are the only other ingredients in these carts. They contain less than 0.3% delta-9 THC, making them legal, safe, and potentially beneficial to your mood.

The brand performs an excellent job of keeping customers happy and satisfied, with over a thousand favorable evaluations.


  • Many varieties to choose from
  • Offered in two sizes
  • One of the most cost-effective brands 
  • No thinning or cutting agents, such as MCT oil, are used
  • Speedy delivery
  • Customer service is outstanding
  • Company has an educational blog, demonstrating its commitment to educating its customers


  • Contains CBD and CBC
  • Already used products cannot be returned
  • Can be a bit irritating to the throat

Strains and Flavors

Some of 3Chi’s highly reviewed strains are Berry White, God’s Gift, and Grenadine.

Customer Reviews

Customers have expressed satisfaction with their response. Products are delivered quickly and reliably. They also appreciate the fact that the cartridges offer a range of flavors.

Many customers appreciate how quickly but sharply the consequences of utilizing the cartridges are.

However, some contend the effect is only temporary. This could be because they are used to taking extremely potent cannabis products.

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What to Keep in Mind Before Buying Delta-8 THC Cartridges?

You are entitled to a cartridge that meets your requirements. There are far more low-quality cartridges on the market than most people realize, but finding good cartridges is well worth the effort.

When purchasing cannabis carts, keep the following in mind:

Brand Reputation

The top cannabis companies take pride in their goods. When a respected company creates a vape cartridge, the name of the company will appear on the box or on the cartridge itself.

A lot of shady cartridges do not have names on them. So, do not buy a cartridge simply because it says “exotic cart” on it.

Low-quality cartridges may bear the name of a company that does not have a decent website. Just because a company has a few social media accounts does not indicate its legitimacy.

So, look for names when studying a brand. The finest cannabis brands are linked to real cannabis experts.

Another feature of a brand’s reputation is transparency. Even if the reviews are positive, you want to be sure you can trust this brand. Anyone considering purchasing from a delta-8 company must have their lab results posted.


We must carefully examine the ingredient list to ensure it does not contain any additional potentially harmful substances, such as vitamin E acetate, which some manufacturers may add to their merchandise.

In general, the ingredient list should not be too extensive. It should only contain the most essential components, such as delta-8 distillate and other minor cannabinoids and terpenes.

It may also contain glycerin and vegetable glycol. If a company wants to add any flavorings to its formula, it can do so.

Naturally, we must consider the source of the delta-8 distillate when reviewing the component list and conducting brand research.


When it comes to delta-8 THC, everyone wants a powerful product with a lot of kick. Unless you are seeking a hybrid product, you do not want something that has been cut with other cannabinoids.

Check to see if each brand has lab testing that verifies the quality and efficacy of each cartridge’s delta-8. The fact the company employs organic or premium-grade hemp is an added plus. Because everything begins with that plant, you want it to be the best.

Third-Party Lab Tests

If you want to identify the best delta-8 THC vape cartridges on the market, you will need to give importance to third-party lab tests.

These third-party lab tests should also contain a full content analysis of the THC product’s strength and purity, as well as the cannabinoid profile, components, and production process information.

We will not buy from a company that does not let customers view Certificates of Analysis or does not even put its items through third-party lab testing. This could imply the products failed the tests or the brand does not value testing as high as we do.


Different strains of marijuana are contained in vaping cartridges. Before you buy a vape cartridge, be sure you know what strain it contains.

Identify whether the cartridge contains a single strain or a hybrid strain by asking your budtender. Hybrid strains combine the effects of two different plants. Indica and Sativa strains are combined in the most frequent hybrid strains.

The effects of different cannabis strains vary. Your budtender should be able to tell you what kind of effects a cartridge will provide.

When using cannabis to treat a medical issue, it is extremely vital to be aware of strains and effects. If you are vaping to fall asleep, for example, a Sativa strain is not going to help you.

Hemp Source

Before purchasing any delta-8 THC product, make sure to check the hemp’s origin. Hemp from the United States and Europe is strictly controlled, guaranteeing the end product is free of toxins and chemicals.

Pesticides and chemicals are also used by other brands on their hemp plants, which might be harmful to your health. So, examine the product’s laboratory results to see if pesticides and chemicals that were added to the product were tested as well.

FAQs About Delta-8 THC Cartridges

Q1. Which Is the Best Delta-8 THC Cartridge?

The ideal cannabis cartridge for each individual is determined by their personal preferences and tastes. Users have a lot of options because there are so many distinct types available, all of which induce different effects or have different aromas and tastes.

Users are provided with a lot of background information on the manner the THC was extracted, the growing and cultivating procedure, and the terpene profile of each strain, not to mention a lot of choices, especially from these producers.

Q2. Are Delta-8 THC Cartridges Legal in All States?

In the United States, delta-8 THC is not legal in all 50 states. This is a little confusing because according to the Farm Bill of 2018, any hemp-derived products containing less than 0.3% delta-9 THC are legal in the United States.

Some states, on the other hand, have decided to defy the federal order and have outlawed the production and sale of delta-8 products.

Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, Colorado, Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Mississippi, Montana, Rhode Island, Michigan, Nebraska, Nevada, New York, Vermont, and Utah are among the states where delta-8 is not available.

Q3. Can I Fail a Drug Test If I Use Delta-8 THC Oil Cartridges?

The short answer is that if you use delta-8 cartridges, you will most likely fail a drug test. There is not enough research or statistics to declare you will definitely fail, but it is better to be safe than sorry.

Drug testing technology is not always reliable, and it is possible that delta-8 THC gets misread as delta-9 THC. It is not always possible to distinguish between the two. If you need to pass a drug test, we do not advocate using any vape carts.

Q4. How to Use Delta-8 THC Vaping Cartridges?

Using a CBD vape cartridge is not difficult, as it does not necessitate the use of any unique techniques. It is simply to use disposable and pre-filled vape cartridges.

All you have to do is connect a 510 battery to the vape cart, and you are ready to go. Nothing could be easier than doing this task.

There are certain cartridges that can be refilled as well which are not tedious, however, it may require more work.

The most important thing is to stick to the recommended dosage. It has the power to improve or degrade the quality of vaping.

Q5. How to Store a Vape Cartridge?

Make sure you are storing your delta-8 vape cartridges appropriately if you want to get the most out of them.

Most manufacturers recommend keeping the carts in a cold, dry location. When possible, keep them at room temperature and out of direct sunlight.

The potency of your carts can be degraded by heat and sunlight. To avoid leaks, keep carts upright.

Q6. Can I Get High By Using Delta-8 THC Cartridges?

THC has the ability to give you a pleasant high but not one that is excessive. Also, when trying to become high, remember not to push yourself too far.

You do not want to take any of the health dangers that come with taking too much of it merely to be high.

Conclusion – Which Delta-8 THC Vape Cartridges Brand Should You Go For?

Using a CBD vape cartridge is a really appealing and enjoyable experience. It provides immediate comfort and has strong absorption properties. Above all, it is worth taking pleasure. 

All of the items on this list are 100% natural. The product’s purity instills a sense of tranquility in you. Always seek out companies who are open and honest about their manufacturing processes and ingredients. 

The brands mentioned above are the best in the market, and you can easily choose from them according to your own convenience. We suggest Exhale Wellness or BudPop for their strong flavor and quality.