Lady Gaga and Rihanna Dress Up As Weed For Halloween

Lady gaga rihanna weed

Talk about a stress-free Halloween!

Not only did Lady Gaga dress up as “Princess High the Cannabis Queen” for the haunted holiday, but Rihanna also decided to don a Mary Jane ensemble this Oct. 31.

Perhaps they’re paying a tribute to their favorite illegal pastime?

“So i was weed for halloween. BEST COSTUME EVER ITS SO FUN,” Mother Monster tweeted about her costume.

The performer wore a fluffy green skirt with marijuana leaves strategically placed over her breasts and scattered across the rest of her body. She wore a cannabis crown and had a large, fake joint in her mouth.

Gaga previously told television personality Anderson Cooper about her love for bud, revealing that she’s not ashamed of her decision to indulge.

"I smoke a lot of pot when I write music,” she admits. “So I'm not gonna... like... sugar coat it for 60 Minutes that, you know, I'm some... like... sober human being, 'cause I'm not.”

As for Rihanna, the pop princess has been caught smoking in public more often recently, even going so far as to advertise her recreational drug use online.

'Kush rolled, glass full... I prefer the better things!' the singer tweeted earlier this year.

Also dressed in green, the “Diamonds” singer wore a lime corset, carried a bud bouquet and was crowned with floor-length pot veil.

We’re not sure if Gaga and RiRi are already friends, but we have a feeling if these two get together, they’ll quickly become best “buds.”

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