Take that mitches beyonce

Beyoncé's 'Take That
Mitches' Post: Goofy
Gloat or Tacky Jab?


Less than 24 hours after joining Instagram, Beyoncé is already turning heads!

Since Bey joined the photo posting site on the biggest day of the year— the 2012 Presidential election— it’s no surprise that the pop star immediately began showing off political pride for her candidate of choice, Barack Obama.

The first photo that Beyoncé shared shows the sassy new mom rocking a “Texans for Obama” t-shirt, but it was her second post that has fans wondering just what she was hoping to achieve.

After Obama was re-elected, the "Run The World (Girls)" singer tweeted a snapshot of a handwritten note that read, “TAKE THAT MITCHES,” an obvious message for Mitt Romney supporters.

We know the star has been a huge fan of Obama for quite a while now, having recently written a personal message to the Prez, but was this a low blow at Romney and co. or just a witty reaction to the election results?

Shortly after the 31-year-old posted the pic, it was removed from her account, leaving us to wonder just what her intentions were.

Perhaps Queen B was just following her hubby's suit? Earlier this week, Jay-Z sang a spoof of his hit “99 Problems” by replacing the word b*tch with Mitt— “I got 99 problems but Mitt ain’t one,” he sang to the President.

POLL: Do you think Beyoncé’s “Take That Mitches” Message was meant to be a witty reaction or taunting jab at Romney supporters?