She’s speaking out. YouTube personality Taylor Nicole Dean shut down rumors that any of her pets “died from neglect” while taking to Twitter with a lengthy statement on January 22. The social media star wants to set the record straight after a new video dropped on VICE, titled, “I Got Addicted to Heroin in Front of 1.5 Million YouTube Subscribers.”

“Heard after the VICE documentary that there are some comments about how I kill all my animals and that I blame my ex for me having an addiction,” she began.

“They told me they wanted to show both sides of stories like any good journalism, so I anticipated it a little,” Taylor continued. “So I’ll just say it once again, I haven’t had any reptiles die except the one time I had a horrible heat malfunction. And that was absolutely disgusting, and a horrible mistake of mine that made me consider rehoming all my animals. I decided against it and chose to continue my passion after consulting with many people.”

The PetTube star further explained how there’s apparently “some lists floating around of ‘deaths’ of my animals,” and claimed they are inaccurate. “They didn’t include any causes of death, and I saw a few of the animals listed multiple times to push up the death count.”

Taylor also noted how she “impulse bought animals” during her toxic relationship, and decided to find new homes for 12 of them while she was away focusing on her recovery in rehab. “I’m not perfect and definitely have made mistakes, but I never got into the animal hobby just for YouTube views, nor do I neglect animals,” she added.

Taylor Nicole Dean Denies Pets Died From Neglect
Courtesy of Taylor Nicole Dean/Instagram

“I haven’t had a single animal pass, not even from old age, since I have lived in my apartments,” the online personality insisted. “I truly know they have never died from neglect and if I did, I’d rehome them because the last thing I’d ever be able to live with is watching animals suffer.”

Taylor built up an impressive following over the years due to her YouTube videos showing her dozens of exotic pets. After disappearing for a few months, she later resurfaced with a new video discussing how she had been addicted to heroin.

In her latest statement, she referred to herself as an “addict,” and clarified how she was one even before she met her former flame. Taylor explained that him bringing around the drug didn’t help her stay clean, but these days, she has proudly been sober for 7 months.

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